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How much does a gram of 9-carat gold cost?

What is the price of a gram of 9-carat gold?

Price of 9-carat gold: how much does a gram cost?

For thousands of years, gold has been a symbol of wealth and status. But the value of a piece of gold jewelry is determined by more than just its weight in grams! Whether it’s a wedding band, a ring or a simple chain, you also need to consider its purity, measured in carats. The price per gram of 9-carat gold depends on various factors, including the price of gold on international markets, the quality of the alloy, and the craftsmanship involved in creating the jewel. We explain everything you need to know!

The price per gram of 9-carat gold: how it’s calculated

Value of 9-carat gold

To determine the value of a gram of 9-carat gold, first obtain the price of a gram of pure gold by dividing the price of gold per kilogram by 1,000. Then multiply this result by the percentage of pure gold in 9-carat gold, i.e. 37.5%.

The formula is: (Price of gold per kg / 1,000) * 0.375 = price of one gram of 9-carat gold.

For example, if the price of gold bullion is €50,000 per kilogram, the price per gram of pure gold is calculated as follows: €50,000 ÷ 1,000 = €50 per gram. Since 9-carat gold contains 37.5% pure gold, the value of a gram of 9-carat gold is 50 * 0.375 = €18.75.

It is important to note that this value is indicative and does not represent a real purchase or resale price for 9-carat gold! There are other factors, in addition to the
weight of the goldto be considered when determining the effective price.

Redemption price for 9-carat gold jewelry

To estimate the price of 9-karat gold for a buy-back, you need to consider various criteria. 9-karat (9 KT) gold jewelry is often assembled or repaired with solder containing little gold.

They may also include steel in certain elements such as springs, clasps, screws or pins in bracelets. In addition, the process of separating pure gold from the alloy generates losses, including melting loss and the rate of gold restitution. These losses reduce the average gold recovery rate to around 30% for 9-carat gold.

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Is 9-carat jewelry valuable?

In 2012, 9-carat (375 thousandths) gold jewelry was particularly popular in France. Jewelers actively promoted them in response to the economic crisis and their customers’ declining purchasing power.

At first glance, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to distinguish new 9-carat gold from 18-carat (750 thousandths) gold. However, the durability and brilliance of these jewels differ significantly over time.

9-carat gold jewelry contains a low percentage of pure gold and is less resistant to oxidation, which can be caused by factors such as detergents or perspiration. This oxidation affects the other metals present in the alloy. As a result, 9-carat gold jewelry tends to deteriorate more quickly, often leading customers to part with it after a few years.

When buying back gold jewelry, the amount of pure gold contained is taken into account. So even broken or oxidized jewelry can be sent for an estimate of its pure gold value, sometimes offering a pleasant surprise to sellers! You’ll get a tailor-made estimate to obtain the
price of 14-carat gold or the price of 22-carat gold depending on the jewels you own.

Redemption price for a gram of 9-carat gold: factors to consider

9-carat gold contains 37.5% pure gold, with the remainder made up of other metals to strengthen the alloy. This composition affects not only price, but also color and durability. For example, white gold (popular for wedding rings and other jewelry) is often created by alloying pure gold with metals such as palladium or silver, then coating it with a thin layer of rhodium to enhance its brilliance.

When buying 9-carat gold jewelry, the price per gram is a crucial factor to consider. 9-carat gold jewelry is more affordable than 18-carat gold (the
price of 18-carat gold is higher), making them accessible to a wider public. This includes a variety of items, such as earrings, bracelets and diamond-encrusted rings.

In addition, 9-carat gold items containing precious stones such as diamonds require additional appraisal, which can also increase the price at the
buying and selling gold.

When buying 9-carat gold jewelry, it’s important to consider not only the price per gram, but also the quality of the alloy and the jewelry’s finish. A well-designed piece of 9-carat gold jewelry can be just as beautiful and durable as a piece of pure gold, especially if it is well cared for!

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Where to buy and sell 9-carat gold?

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