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Only Watch auction postponed to 2024

It’s a dark day for the world of watchmaking. The emblematic Only Watch is in the spotlight, at its own expense, forcing the Monegasque Muscular Dystrophy Association (AMM), organizer of the event, to postpone the biennial event until next year. The long-awaited November 5, 2023 at Palexpo which was preceded by a world tour – currently underway – to showcase the unique pieces, will therefore see the light of day at a later date. undetermined date in 2024.

It all started with a series of posts on Instagram of the famous collector Santa Laurathe result of an exchange the latter had with Only Watch after their meeting. requesting their annual report. The answer was clear: this financial report had been filed with the Monegasque government, and they were under no obligation to share it. The purpose of this denunciation was not to discredit them, but above all toobtain greater transparency. There’s nothing excessive about a charity that has raised nearly 100 million euros. If it has reached this point, it is because between the allocation of funds for research into the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) (around 50% to date), the governance of the founding family, the choice of funded structures (notably SQY Therapeutics and Synthena AG) and their relationship with them, a great deal has to be done. questions raised were pertinent.

Following these allegations, or rather legitimate questions, the response from Only Watch only raised more questions.. While F.P. Journe expressed his confidence in Luc Pettavino, the project’s founder, the sale went ahead. But the withdrawal of a company as influential as Audemars Piguet prompted a wiser decision: to postpone the 2023 edition in order to bring greater transparency and, above all, to put the church back in the middle of the village. When you consider that the prestigious auction house Christie’s is overseeing the saleAnd when you see the host of major watch brands involved in the project, it’s hard to believe that it’s a hoax. But the event gained so much momentum that it’s easy to believe that not all parties have really asked themselves these fundamental questions. More than just a charity sale, Only Watch is also a incomparable showcase.

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Although it would be crazy to think that the Pettavino family is at fault so connected and respected is it, this decision is reasonable for ensure a future for the association and thus effectively combat this disease which affects some 2,500 people in France and around 100,000 worldwide. Let’s not forget that this initiative was born following the death of Luc Pettavino’s son Paul from Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 2005.. As parents, we know that if such a tragedy were to strike one of our children, we would dedicate our lives to fighting this scourge. Many associations have been set up in the wake of tragedies, both similar and fundamentally different, so it’s an obvious response for any parent. And let’s not forget that, unlike a company quoted on the stock exchange, the results, stakes or strategies of such an organization are radically different.. This inevitably sows doubt for anyone not involved in the cause, especially when it concerns medical research. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this matter will soon be cleared up, and that Only Watch will return to the limelight in a positive light.

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