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Origin Protocol (OGN): A Revolutionary Platform For NFTs

NFTs have great marketplaces but they’re now lacking a hub to launch and advertise them, if possible in a single well-integrated product. How to enable this without a centralized entity? Well, Origin Protocol has an answer for that. We will go through the solution it proposes and evaluate the investment opportunity.

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1. What is the Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol is an Ethereum token that powers the Origin platform, which is a new age decentralized and peer-to-peer marketplace. Recently, Origin refocused their platform around NFTs and the unique experiences they can enable. The Origin Protocol project created a marketplace called NFT Launchpad to simplify NFT issuance and put more control in the hands of creators.

Moreover, it has multiple layers for applications but also for developers:

It’s main product is an NFT launchpad allowing to launch, sell and promote NFTs:

The platform allows you to showcase your NFTs and engage with your audience: in a word, it’s a mix of Opensea and Instagram.

2. OGN tockenomics

The tockenomics of OGN is quite nice with a smooth unlock schedule and long-term staking:

The vesting schedule on 2 years+ and the number of exchanges involved is a green light for me:

3. Price, volumes and market capitalization

In term of pricing, we’re almost at a 1-year low, I consider this as being a nice entry point:

The volumes are still maintaining themselves a correct level, higher than it was at the same price last year. The market cap is at 147 million USD:

To give an idea of how low that is, the market cap of the NFT industry is about to reach the global fine art market one, with 50 billion USD expected for 2023.

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4. Conclusion

I’m bullish on the Origin Protocol (just like I am for Stacks) because of its choice to position itself as an NFT launchpad, targeting a huge market of 50 billion USD. I wouldn’t be surprised if a decentralized launchpad absorbs 0.1% of market share which means a 500 million USD of market capitalisation. That would send the coin to a crazy price of $0.75 which is my price prediction for 2023… if Origin Protocol is successful!

Until then… Take care.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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