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Slavic 401k: Review

Slavic 401k is a company specializing in providing retirement services and plans, particularly 401(k) plans, to employers and employees in the United States. Established in 1982, the company has grown to become a significant player in the retirement plan industry. They are known for offering a range of 401(k) solutions, including traditional 401(k) plans, safe harbor plans, profit-sharing plans, and more.

The company focuses on creating retirement plans that are both effective and easy to manage for employers, while also aiming to make the investment process straightforward and beneficial for employees. They often cater to specific sectors, like the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry, providing customized retirement solutions to meet the unique needs of these organizations.

Slavic 401k stands out for its use of technology and online platforms, making it easier for employers and employees to manage their retirement savings. This includes features like online enrollment, account management, and a range of educational resources to help participants understand and make the most of their retirement savings options.

Reviews Online

The reviews for Slavic 401k, based on customer feedback on Birdeye, are generally negative, with the company currently holding a 1.8-star rating out of 86 reviews. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with several aspects of the service:

  1. Customer Service: Users have reported extremely long wait times and difficulty in reaching customer service representatives. The quality of the service provided once in contact has also been criticized.
  2. Website and App Interface: The website and app interfaces have been described as poorly designed and difficult to use, leading to challenges in account management.
  3. Account Management Issues: Specific complaints include problems with withdrawing funds, accessing accounts, and executing rollovers.
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These reviews indicate a significant level of customer dissatisfaction with Slavic 401k’s services, particularly in the areas of customer support, website/app usability, and general account management.

Review Details

Here are some detailed points from the reviews of Slavic 401k:

  1. Long Wait Times for Customer Service: Customers have reported extremely long wait times when trying to contact customer service, often comparing the experience unfavorably with other companies.
  2. Difficulties with Withdrawals: One user mentioned a specific issue where a withdrawal was approved and supposed to be overnighted, but it was delayed significantly, causing hardship.
  3. Poor Website and App Usability: Multiple users have complained about the poor design and functionality of Slavic 401k’s website and app, leading to difficulties in account access and management.
  4. Challenges in Account Access and Rollovers: Some customers faced issues in accessing their accounts and executing rollovers, with constant errors and inability to change usernames and passwords.
  5. Overall Customer Service Experience: The general sentiment from the reviews is that the customer service is lacking, with representatives either being hard to reach or unhelpful.

These points reflect a general dissatisfaction among users with Slavic 401k’s customer service, website/app functionality, and account management processes​


In conclusion, Slavic 401k, a provider of retirement plans and services, appears to face significant challenges in terms of customer satisfaction. The primary issues highlighted by customers include extensive wait times for customer service, difficulties in managing accounts (especially concerning withdrawals and rollovers), and a poorly designed website and app interface that complicates user interaction. These factors collectively contribute to a low rating for the company, as reflected in user reviews. Such feedback indicates that while Slavic 401k might offer a range of retirement solutions, its execution in customer service and digital experience falls short of client expectations. This dissatisfaction underscores the importance of efficient customer support and user-friendly digital platforms in the financial services sector. Customers seeking retirement plan services may need to consider these factors critically when evaluating providers like Slavic 401k.

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Slavic 401k

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