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Te-Food: A Traceability Network To Boom In 2022

Te-Food (TONE) provides a tailor made traceability solution for supply chains, more specifically in the food industry. This is about making the entire supply chain world more efficient and less expensive by using a blockchain ledger. This brings some challenges: how to capture the data of clients to embed them on a protocol to provide traceability and value? Let’s deep dive into the fundamentals of Te-Food and its TONE token.

Ledger Wallet

1. What is Te-Food?

Te-Food provides companies in the food/beverage industry with tools to track and trace gains/productivity through data:

Te-Food Traceability

The project offers a tracking system via QR code to digitalize products on a blockchain creating digital twins:

Te-Food Data Capture

The data can then be found in an app, in excel format or via an API:

Te-Food Data Accessibility

This can then be used to collect data on the ledger and improve performance via a precise monitoring of the product lifecycle:

2. What about the blockchain part?

All of the technology above lives on a ledger to be able to validate millions of business transactions:

Te-Food Blockchain

One of the main advantages of blockchain technology is the decentralization of the node structure. The chain consists of hundreds of nodes in several countries around the world.

Some of the nodes are maintained by supply chain companies (Supernodes), others by the consumer community (Masternodes) to form a global collaboration of industry and consumers for improved efficiency and transparency.

One of the strengths of this approach for companies is to control the permission level. Transactions can be declared public (accessible on the blockchain explorer by anybody) or private and then only be seen by selected entities.

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Why do I feel confident about this blockchain technology as a potential investor? Because:

Data About Te-Food

3. The team and the partners

The team is very experienced (just like the one of projects like Pawtocol) with various skills involved. Everybody in the board has 20+ years of experience in different industries:

Te-Food Board

But not only. The advisors and project manager are also experienced with exposure to consulting and various sectors:

Te-Food Team

The list of partners is endless:

Te-Food Partners

I will just name some of them:

-GE Aviation

4. Te-Food (TONE) as an investment

I like when the price of a token meets a very serious resistance in a bear market like TONE does at $0.2:

Te-Food Price

The volumes never really died and you can see that the market cap is still resisting at 16 million USD:

Market Capitalization

Also, almost 60% of the supply is circulating which is not too bad for a small altcoin:

Te-Food Token Supply

The tockenomics is also interesting for an investor as there is a dual token with a burning mechanism (deflationary):


But you also have to know something else:

Market Capitalization Projection

Meanwhile, TONE is chilling at 16 million USD of market capitalization.

5. Conclusion

Te-Food is a very interesting pick for me for multiple reasons. It has a technology already deployed that is working live, it is solving a real-world problem with clients already involved, the price action looks good with a nice entry point and eventually the market capitalization and tockenomics scream opportunity. Now, let’s talk about the warnings. This is a VERY small market capitalization involving a massive risk. When I invest in Te-Food, I accept this risk and can’t help thinking that the 10 billion USD piece of cake is looking way too juicy to ignore.

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Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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