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Yield App (YLD): A Credible DeFi Project

Yield App is a DeFi app to generate yield with your crypto. It recently released a version 2 of its product and it has more than $420 million in managed assets. With this new version, Yield App comes out with a new look backed up with changes that will greatly benefit its users. The application has a nicer design but not only: it’s also better from a security point of view. What I also like about Yield is the bet on the token: since you get your rewards in YLD, if things go well, you could send your returns to the moon. But let’s go into the details, shall we?

Ledger Wallet

1. Yield App: Multi-tokens Passive Income Platform

With Yield App, you can stake Bitcoin, Dai, Ethereum and stable coins:

You get the rewards in YLD token that can be staked too:

This can lead to powerful compounding if you believe in the YLD token going up with time on the top of it.

2. How to stake your crypto with Yield?

You can create an account here:

You can then buy, transfer, withdraw or stake your crypto:

3. YLD token as an investment

The YLD token is currently quite stable:

However, what I like is that it gets adoption. I notice that the number of unique addresses keeps growing:

The tockenomics is quite centralised to my taste, with only 26.7% to the public:

The market cap is fairly small for a DeFi app with 37 millions USD…

… But what if DeFi becomes a 1 trillion USD industry?

I recommend the following read on Yield:

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https://everybithelps.co.uk/yield-app-review/, a review of the application with pros and cons: fees, features, yield and much more.
https://www.yield.app/post/everything-you-need-to-know-about-yield-app-v2, a read about the version 2 of the Yield app.
https://yieldapp.medium.com/, the medium blog articles on Yield app.

4. Conclusion

Yield (YLD) is a risky investment, the token is quite centralized and the platform is centralized too. However, staking this token means that if things go right and that DeFi reaches 1 trillion USD of valuation by 2024, Yield (YLD) would be well positioned to get 0.5% of the cake: It would lead the token price to 150x! On the other hand it’s fair to say that if a hard regulation strikes, it’s not impossible to see the token go to 0. I don’t think there is a middle ground for projects like that and … That’s what makes them interesting.

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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