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Qualtrics: An Astonishing $12.4B Buyout Offer

Silver Lake and Canada’s largest pension fund, CPPIB, have made a bid to acquire Qualtrics International Inc., a company that provides tools for collecting feedback from customers and employees, for $12.4 billion.

This bid was disclosed in a regulatory filing made by Qualtrics and represents a 73% premium over the last closing price of the company’s stock before it was put up for sale.

Qualtrics’ software provides feedback collection features alongside analytics tools to help companies interpret the data they collect.

It also includes a tool to estimate the impact of potential business changes on customer sentiment. Qualtrics filed for an IPO in 2018 but accepted an $8 billion buyout offer from SAP SE instead.

The company was later listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in 2021, raising over $1.5 billion. SAP currently holds a 71% stake in Qualtrics and announced plans to sell it after a first-quarter earnings report fell short of expectations in January 2021.

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