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Best MultiversX Projects (Elrond Projects)

Today we take a look at the best MultiversX projects, the blockchain previously known as Elrond.

During this very dark period of scams and multi-billionaires-4dchess, fortunately, some builders are still assembling things in the dark. With the recent rebranding of the blockchain, Elrond becoming MultiversX, the team take a giant leap into the future of Web3.

Here are the main rebranding features of MultiversX :

xMoney : Crypto and Fiat payment system (Utrust)

xPortal : The Maiar wallet including socials and credit cards

xLaunchpad : Launchpad for new projects

xBridge : New bridges (BNB/EGLD)

xWorlds : Interoperable metaverses in collaboration with immutable

xFabric : A portal for developing on the blockchain

xSpotlight : NFT web3 feed

xExchange : Maiar Exchange 2.0

Let’s see what are the best MultiversX Projects : 

Best NFT projects on MultiversX

Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes sits for the moment as the #1 project on MultiversX in terms of volume. Apes can’t stop, the drug is too strong. This 10 000 pieces 3D profile pictures NFT collection is one of the first on MultiversX and is now considered as a blue chip by enthusiasts. This collection makes you able to earn passive income throught infamous LKMEX with sometimes bonuses to specific apes attributes. The Apes roadmap has just been updated with merchandise drop, project rebranding (let’s bet MultiversX Apes), and a token launch.

While I’m not the biggest fan of this ape collection, but I must admit that I regret not minting for 0.5 EGLD as the floor price is now around 13 EGLD.

elrond apes listings
Some Elrond Apes listings viewed from Omniscient Tools


Nothing less than the NFT that cleans the sea, sitting on a carbon negative blockchain. We often come across NFT projects that are lacking use cases. With Aquaverse I would need more than an entire article to explain how deep this project is. The French team received the “most innovative project” award at Netexplo in 2022. I will try to be simple here : Through their 9999 “Guardians” NFT collection, they have gathered funds to create polluted seawater ponds across the world.

You might not know it but sea sponges are the best filters for pollution. Across the flow of the clean water there are other ponds for clean sponges to grow that will ultimately be manufactured and sold. From make-up removers to roof insulation there is an infinite panel of possibilities for sponges. Giving a part of their profits back to holders while helping the planet, Aquaverse is to me the most exciting and ambitious project on MultiversX, it is really worth the time to read all their documentation.

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Check out this video !

Aquaverse Guardians (left) can be claimed for a 3D Guardian called ROTG (Rise Of The Guardians) with the speed of MultiversX chain !


Do you know a lot of projects that have already their metaverse ready ? Bunnyverse does, and you missed a concert there ! Bunnyverse is a collection of 5000 3D metaverse-ready bunnies. With a lot of collaboration with other projects, the bunnies reward their holders with royalties from incubated projects. Indeed, additionally to their bunnyverse, the team wants to create a complete digital agency to help and push other projects while producing free blockchain-oriented educational content.

Bunnyverse metaverse
Myself before my job interview at the McCarrot’s, I’m sorry I’m naked because my NFTs are currently staked to eventually earn an Island in the Bunnyverse !


Is there a more French NFT project than this one ? Let me doubt it ! WWWine is a NFT collection of 3003 bottles that wants to revolutionize the way we buy and sell wine. As you know, a NFT cannot be duplicated or falsified. Every NFT is backed by a real bottle, somewhere in a winery. You will then be able to exchange wine with no transport risks or ecological troubles as you just exchange the NFTs. Through a gamified ecosystem and a digital cellar, you can stake your bottles to earn a stacking reward called $Grapes. These rewards will be used to pay for the taxes and shipment of your bottle meaning that international connoisseurs will just have to wait a little bit more to get their bottle.

wwwine nfts
WWWINE Bottles on the MultiversX blockchain


Here is one for Comics fans. This ambitious DAO project has been in a lot of heated discussion. Indeed, the founder wants to create a DAO gathering 100 projects ! Gnogen is the very first NFT project on MultiversX, I remember buying promises to the founder directly on discord with no guarantees at all. Ah, I miss those degen times. Right now, Gnogen has launched 3 comics collections (7 acts each), and two other collections, the Validators and the Gnogons. This last one, the Gnogons is a 10 000 pieces collection of dragons and will soon be able to compete in a game called the great war. On top of this, Gnogen is planning to launch a trading card game, a metaverse, a comic convention etc… They even bought a real studio in LA and hired artists! Maybe someday we will be able to go watch a Gnogen movie in theaters ?

gnogen gnogon nft in multiversX
Gnogons Revamp on MultiversX

Utility projects on MultiversX

Omniscient tools

The ultimate NFT market tool. Unleash your full NFT trading potential with this amazing tool that gathers all the marketplaces information in one tool. Charts, listings, live feed, wallet value, Omniscient Tools does it all. To access the tool you need to either pay a monthly fee or hold one of their Omniscient Boy NFT collections.

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omniscient tool nft tool multiversX
View from the tool aggregating all datas from MultiversX’ NFTs


Itheum was a launchpad from Maiar Launchpad. The main goal of Itheum is to become a decentralized, cross chain data platform for Web3. We hear a lot these days about how precious our personal data are, and yes that’s true. Itheum will help you empower yourself. By taking ownership of your data and being able to trade them, this innovative solution gives you the control about where you want your data to go. Or not go. This might be scary at first but please remember one thing: Today you have 0 control over your personal data and they are being sold every day, every minute, between unknown vicious actors. It’s all about taking back the power.

itheum logo multiversX

xMoney (known as Utrust for the moment)

You know MultiversX is about adoption because you read this article. Well is there a better way to facilitate adoption than helping businesses accept crypto payments ? For us customers, it’s basically about using our crypto holdings for buying stuff. For businesses, xMoney brings flexibility in allowing them to accept any crypto and convert it into basically any fiat money with contained fees. Acquired by the MultiversX team in early 2022, we can bet that we will hear about Utrust (xMoney) in the future !


A rather simple idea, a very complex project to build. QoWatt wants to change the way we charge electric vehicles. Indeed, it is not very meaningful to charge an EV from a fossil-fuel generator. Unless you just want to disguise your carbon footprint. By creating the largest European network of charging terminals (running on 40% renewables), QoWatt wants to facilitate the adoption of electric mobility. By engaging in their ecosystem, by holding or staking a NFT or $QWT token, a holder will get passive income and discounts at the charging station. This project looks simple but it is really deeper than I can explain in a few lines. They already have installed 8 of their own charging stations. Keep pushing guys !

The future is here : Qowatt on MultiversX

Testimonies about MultiversX projects :

From xMibayy

mibayy review of multiversX
Mibayy talking about Egld.Community social platform and Elrond Apes NFT project

From xOpium

xOpium review about Multiverx

Conclusion about MultiversX NFT ecosystem

To conclude, I have several other projects in mind on MultiversX. So, if you enjoy this article there might be a part 2 in the future ! MultiversX (Elrond) is on the edge of becoming a massively adopted blockchain and there are plenty of opportunities to catch right now !

n.b. : This is not financial advice, remember to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing !

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