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A Strategy To Achieve a 10x ROI With NFT Investments

It’s story time today. I want to tell you about how I’ve 10x my money with NFT investments in a couple of months using Stacks. It’s based on the exact same approach as VC funds do with startups. Get your bananas ready, seatbelt fasten and let’s jump in.

Ledger Wallet

1. First, pick a nascent ecosystem of NFTs

I’ve been very lucky to find Stacks mid-2021. It’s a fresh smart-contract protocol based on Bitcoin:

It offers an ecosystem of NFT exchanges like Stacksart of NFTSTX to buy beautiful JPEGs:

It’s quite new but last year it was VERY new!

2. Then, spread your NFT investments on multiple collections

Once you’ve identified your niche NFT ecosystem, just spread your money on multiple collections.

For Stacks, I’ve bought one cheap NFT by collection at mint and this is my current STX wallet:

After that, go back to bed. Wait a couple of months.

3. Finally, check the ROI of your portfolio after a couple of months

The floor of Bitcoin Badger did a very humble 4x, Bitcoin Monkey did a 10x and I lost half of the value on the 2 others:

When I spot that type of distribution, I usually consider selling.

4. Conclusion

I like this technique for NFT investments because it’s non-deterministic. You don’t need to know anything about the collections and just have to spread your bets. Most analysts will tell you that 99% of NFTs “go to zero”. It’s wrong. Some can loose 70% of their value but some of them will 10x or 20x as long as you are picking projects that are early enough.

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Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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