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Machiavellic: A Revolutionary Gaming Project Redefining MMO Development with Early-Release Casual Gaming Components

In the vast universe of gaming, there lies a groundbreaking project that aims to reshape the way Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games are created and experienced. Machiavellic, a sandbox MMO set on the planet of Ozzar, embarks on a remarkable journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional game development. By gamifying the production of Machiavellic itself, the project pioneers a unique approach that fosters community engagement, cultivates a thriving economy, and lays the groundwork for an immersive MMO experience. Let us delve into the world of Machiavellic and uncover its ambitious goals.

Machiavellic sets itself apart by providing players with an extraordinary user experience that actively involves them in shaping the game’s development, long before the MMO’s release. Unlike traditional game approaches, where players are passive consumers, Machiavellic’s user-centric design empowers players to engage, interact, and influence the game’s evolution. It’s about building a gaming community where every voice matters, fostering deep immersion, enjoyment, and a vibrant, dynamic player community.

Collaborating with renowned game development studio Wildsnake Studios, whose team created classics like Tetris, Invasion Pinball and Invasion Waves Arkanoid, Machiavellic introduces top-notch casual games directly integrated into its innovative dashboard. This provides hours of entertainment and social interactions for players to indulge in.. However, these casual games serve a dual purpose—they also act as testing grounds for crucial MMO components. Players’ engagement in these games allows them to contribute to the development process, shaping the future of Machiavellic in meaningful ways.

The partnership with Wildsnake Studios ensures that Machiavellic’s casual gaming experience is nothing short of exceptional, delivering stunning graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and addictive challenges. Together, the teams create a captivating environment that keeps players coming back for more, while also laying the foundation for a groundbreaking MMO adventure on the resource rich planet of Ozzar.

By focusing on creating an immersive and captivating experience within the cryogenic chamber and dashboard, Machiavellic aims to deliver a standalone success. This approach allows players and investors to immediately enjoy the benefits and excitement of the platform, while also laying the foundation for a future MMO that is finely tuned and tailored to perfection. With Machiavellic, the future of gaming is here, offering a unique blend of innovation, community, and limitless possibilities.

A New Frontier in Gaming: In an era of gradual blockchain adoption, Machiavellic seizes the opportune moment to revolutionize the gaming landscape. Rather than diving headfirst into the MMO realm, the project strategically focuses on creating the essential components that form the foundation of an extraordinary gaming experience. By allowing Officer Commission Pass holders to participate in the creation of Machiavellic through a captivating role-playing experience, the project establishes a strong community and vibrant economy right from the outset.

The Spaceship Machiavellic: At the core of this visionary endeavor lies the majestic spaceship Machiavellic. Officer Commission Pass holders are commissioned as officers, embarking on a daring journey to Ozzar alongside an invasion force. These esteemed players hold unique Officer Commission Pass holders, utilizing NFT technology, representing exclusive in-game characters, ranging from supreme leaders to esteemed lieutenants. Their participation lays the groundwork for an intricate web of trading, crafting, and mining mechanisms, crucial elements that shape the Machiavellic universe.

Game Characters – Forge Your Destiny in Machiavellic: In the vast universe of Machiavellic, players have the opportunity to embody a diverse array of characters, each holding a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of the game. With a total of eight factions and 256 officers per faction, the game offers a rich tapestry of personalities and strategic positions for players to explore.

Ranking Structure: The factions within Machiavellic are organized according to a hierarchical ranking structure that adds depth and complexity to the gameplay. The ranks within each faction include:

  • Supreme Leader: The visionary at the helm of the faction, whose decisions shape the direction of the entire group. The Supreme Leader’s role extends beyond the game mechanics, becoming an iconic figure in the game’s lore.
  • Field Marshal: A key strategic mind, entrusted with leading the faction’s forces into battle and ensuring their triumph. The Field Marshal possesses significant influence and plays a crucial role in guiding the faction’s actions.
  • Generals: Two esteemed leaders responsible for overseeing important operations within the faction. Their expertise and tactical prowess make them indispensable assets in the faction’s journey.
  • Major Generals: Four high-ranking officers who possess exceptional leadership skills and play vital roles in maintaining order and executing the faction’s strategies.
  • Colonels: Eight officers distinguished by their experience and expertise in various aspects of gameplay. They provide guidance and support to the faction’s forces, ensuring effective coordination.
  • Commanders: Sixteen officers who serve as capable leaders on the battlefield. They exhibit strong decision-making skills and act as the backbone of the faction’s operations.
  • Majors: Thirty-two officers with commendable experience and competence. Their contributions in combat and organization bolster the faction’s overall strength.
  • Captains: Sixty-four officers who lead small units and execute tactical maneuvers during battles. Their adaptability and quick thinking are invaluable assets in the faction’s pursuits.
  • Lieutenants: One hundred and twenty-eight officers who, though more common in rank, are integral members of the faction. Their dedication and perseverance contribute to the faction’s success.
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In-Game Benefits and Advantages: Characters within Machiavellic hold significant importance, as they provide players with in-game benefits and advantages. The Supreme Leaders, Field Marshals, and higher-ranking officers possess unique traits, abilities, and coveted items, making them highly sought-after figures in the game’s lore. Owning and controlling these powerful characters grants players access to exclusive resources, bonuses, and strategic advantages within the game world.

Interactive Lore Development: The journey to Ozzar is not solely about conquering new territories; it is also an opportunity for players to shape the narrative and lore of Machiavellic. As players interact with the Machiavellic spaceship during the travel phase, they contribute to the development of the heroes’ stories, influencing the lore of the game. Through their actions and choices, players become co-authors of Machiavellic’s rich and immersive universe.

Other characters: In addition to the esteemed officers who hold a significant role in shaping the game’s lore, Machiavellic will introduce a variety of other characters for players to own. While officers remain the most sought-after and influential figures, these additional character passes will provide unique opportunities for players to participate in the Machiavellic universe. Among them are the underofficers, who offer in-game perks but do not hold the same level of influence as officers. Their cabins may be less comfortable, and they do not have a prominent role in the lore. They serve as a parallel to real-life situations, where officers’ activities are off-limits to underofficers and lower ranks.

Furthermore, Machiavellic will issue civilian passes to Ozzars, representing the NPCs within the game. These NPCs play a vital role in building the infrastructure and colonizing the planet. Players can interact with these NPCs, assigning them tasks such as repairing weapons, crafting items, or providing quests in exchange for payment. The resources and income generated through these interactions will partially flow back to the holders of the respective NPCs, creating an interconnected economy within the game.

As Machiavellic continues to grow, the project aims to offer a range of passes to accommodate players joining at different stages. This includes military conscript passes for those who join later, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy and experience the game. Additionally, there are plans for Stowaway passes, which may be used for promotional purposes or as giveaways, allowing individuals to explore Machiavellic in a restricted manner. While these passes may not offer extensive benefits, they serve as an introduction to the world of Machiavellic, welcoming players into the immersive universe of adventure and possibilities.

With officers, underofficers, civilians, and various pass options, Machiavellic strives to provide a diverse and inclusive gaming experience, offering unique roles, opportunities, and avenues for player engagement within its ever-expanding universe.

The Machiavellic Dashboard: The Machiavellic Dashboard serves as the immersive visualization of the spaceship Machiavellic. Divided into several phases, it unfolds a captivating journey for players, gradually unveiling the rich tapestry of experiences that await them.

Phase 1: Check-in Players log onto the dashboard with their wallets, allowing them to check-in their characters. By delegating their wallets to faction pools, players receive a salary per epoch per officer in their wallet, aligning their fortunes with their chosen faction.

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Phase 2: Pre-boarding Within the cryogenic hall visualization, players reserve spots for their officers’ cryogenic chambers. The option to secure adjacent plots for officers is available through payment or by holding an OG pass, ensuring personalized proximity for esteemed characters.

Phase 3: Character Creation and Cryogenic Chamber Experience Players bring their characters to life, witnessing a first-person view from within their selected cryogenic chamber. While the characters cannot leave their chambers, a captivating entertainment module offers an array of experiences. Looking out into space, observing the cryogenic hall, and accessing news updates and videos immerse players in the Machiavellic lore.

The Gaming Experiences: Machiavellic’s dashboard introduces an array of captivating gaming experiences, ranging from casual games that promote social interactions, trading, and crafting-oriented challenges, to core experiences that refine the MMO’s battle mechanics.

Casual Games: A sci-fi twist is given to traditional games, inviting players to challenge each other for fun or resources. From pinball and dominoes to cards and slots, these games foster a vibrant social environment, hosting events and tournaments that bring players and factions together.

Trading and Crafting-Oriented Games: These games bridge the gap between casual entertainment and the crafting and trading mechanics that will flourish within the MMO. Real-time Shogi and tower defense experiences enable players to not only enjoy themselves but also contribute to the development of essential gameplay elements.

Core Experiences: The final stage of the pre-MMO phase introduces games that refine and balance the MMO’s battle mechanics. Endless enemy waves test the defenders’ resilience, while the arena provides a platform for thrilling player-versus-player encounters. Instances offer legendary rewards to those brave enough to embark on exploratory journeys.

Unleashing the Power of Community: Machiavellic thrives on community engagement and collaboration. Through recurring voting rounds, factions’ members shape the destiny of their respective factions, defining the story and evolution of their chosen path. Freedom and creativity empower factions to tailor their experiences, creating an environment that truly reflects the desires of the community.

About the team: The passionate team behind Machiavellic comprises visionary minds with diverse backgrounds in the gaming industry. Led by a core group of seasoned experts, including industry veterans Andrey Novikov and Alexey Pajitnov from Wildsnake Studios, the team brings a wealth of diverse experience in the gaming industry. This formidable collaboration positions Machiavellic to redefine the gaming landscape by creating a groundbreaking sandbox MMO experience like no other.

With a shared dedication to innovation, community engagement, and immersive gameplay, the team is committed to crafting an extraordinary universe on the captivating planet of Ozzar. Their goal is to empower players to actively shape the game’s development, from the casual gaming experience on the innovative dashboard to the MMO’s core mechanics. Together, they embark on an unprecedented journey, setting the stage for a new era in gaming and establishing Machiavellic as a pioneer in the gaming world.

Conclusion: Machiavellic sets sail on a groundbreaking journey, redefining MMO development as we know it. By gamifying the production process, building a strong community, and cultivating an immersive gaming experience, Machiavellic paves the way for a new era in gaming. The world of Ozzar awaits, ready to be shaped by the passion and creativity of its dedicated players. 

Additionally, Machiavellic offers a vast and diverse array of characters, each with unique roles and significance within the game. With the opportunity to embody these characters, players can forge their own destinies, wield in-game benefits and advantages, and participate in shaping the lore of this captivating world. Join the ranks of Machiavellic and immerse yourself in a dynamic and ever-evolving gaming experience where heroes are born and legends are written.

Join Machiavellic now and shape the destiny of a captivating universe, engage in thrilling casual games, and be a part of a vibrant community that empowers players like never before. The adventure awaits, and the legacy of Machiavellic is ready to be written. Don’t miss your chance to become a hero in this groundbreaking MMO project. Join us today and be a driving force in shaping the future of gaming!


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