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Axo: Unleashing a New Trading Frontier on Cardano

Axo, the trailblazing decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Cardano blockchain, marks a significant leap in the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi). Launched amidst much anticipation, Axo introduces a suite of advanced trading features, setting new standards for user experience and market fairness on the blockchain. With its innovative approach to trading, including user-friendly interfaces for both beginners and seasoned traders, programmable swaps, and a variety of complex trading tools, Axo is poised to redefine the dynamics of digital asset trading.

Designed to cater to the growing demand for decentralized financial services, Axo’s platform leverages Cardano’s robust and secure blockchain technology. It offers an egalitarian trading environment with its Order Matching Engine, ensuring impartiality and transparency in every transaction. Additionally, Axo’s emphasis on community-driven governance and financial education speaks to its commitment to not just innovation, but also inclusivity and user empowerment in the DeFi space.

AXO Analysis


The story of Axo, formerly known as Maladex, started in 2021.

Back then, it was a whitepaper with an impressive theoretical approach to their product and their governance token called MAL.

Officially rebranded on September 28, 2022, Axo sheds the limiting nomenclature of “DEX” to embody a broader vision. It’s not just a decentralized exchange; it’s a comprehensive trading platform and settlement layer, reaching beyond traditional DEX functionalities to encompass a global scope.

Developed by a diverse team of researchers, quantitative financial developers, and Haskell enthusiasts, Axo stands on a robust foundation of expertise and innovation. The platform’s mission is ambitious yet clear: to redefine financial markets and optimize the marketplace for liquidity and capital utilization.

Key features of Axo, like its auto-generating smart contracts with programmable swaps, secure and autonomous operation, and advanced order matching engines, set it apart in the DeFi space. Each trade decision generates a unique, high-assurance smart contract, ensuring user control and fairness. The Axo Signal Engine further strengthens this by processing live on- and off-chain data for informed trading.

Moreover, Axo’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity is evident in its rebranding, moving away from any negative connotations associated with its previous name. The new logo, blending mathematical symbols, reflects the deep-rooted mathematical principles guiding the platform.

Key Features of Axo

Axo stands out in the DeFi sector with its range of innovative features:

  1. Innovative Smart Contract Generation: Axo’s approach to trading is defined by its unique programmable swaps, which are automatically generated for each trade, optimizing both efficiency and security.
  2. Enhanced Security with Formally Verified Language: The use of the x programming language for these programmable swaps ensures a high level of security, crucial for financial applications.
  3. Revolutionizing Market Making: By enabling fractionalized liquidity, Axo opens new possibilities for on-chain market making, previously unattainable in traditional DeFi settings.
  4. Autonomous and Responsive Trading: Programmable swaps on Axo are self-operating, capable of adapting to real-time market changes, both on- and off-chain, ensuring a dynamic trading environment.
  5. Fair and Efficient Trade Execution: The deployment of Order Matching Engines (OMEs) guarantees the impartial and efficient execution of trades, a cornerstone of Axo’s platform.
  6. Advanced Trading Intelligence with Signal Engine: The incorporation of on- and off-chain data through the Signal Engine empowers traders with enhanced decision-making tools and real-time market insights.
  7. Commit Phase for Fairness: Axo’s unique commit phase in trade execution addresses common issues like front-running, ensuring an equitable trading platform.
  8. Customizable Trading Strategies: The platform offers a diverse array of order types and a strategy composer, catering to both novice and experienced traders.
  9. Community-Centric Governance: Emphasizing inclusivity, Axo actively involves its community in governance, reflecting its commitment to democratized finance.
  10. Cultural Sensitivity in Branding: The thoughtful branding of Axo resonates with its global audience, reflecting its commitment to cultural inclusivity and accessibility.

These features collectively position Axo as a frontrunner in the DeFi space, offering a unique blend of innovation, security, and user-centric design on the Cardano blockchain.

AXO Trading Strategies Composer

Axo comes with a set of pre-defined trading strategies and a composer mode to create or update them.

Let’s play with it!

Here I select the “DCA” strategy:

It opens a new windows where you can organize the steps of your strategy. This is the AXO composer allowing you do draw your trading strategies with a drag-and-drop approach:

In that case, it’s a simple DCA strategy and you can decide the asset you want to use (green) to buy and the asset you want to accumulate (blue):

What to do with all of that my friends?

Well, I’ve asked chatGPT to leverage the composer available in AXO to create interesting strategies based on 3 assets: ADA, SNEK and BOOK.

Here is what it came up with, leveraging pre-built strategies available in AXO:

-Market Making Strategies

  • Avellaneda-Stoikov Market Making:
    • For ADA: Implement this strategy focusing on lower volatility. Adjust the reservation price to reflect ADA’s lower risk profile. Monitor the time to expiry closely and maintain a balance between order book density and the price to maximize returns while minimizing risks.
    • For SNEK and BOOK: Given their higher risk and volatility, adjust the reservation price higher to compensate for the increased risk. Be more active in managing the order book density and time to expiry to respond to rapid price changes.
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-Technical and Advanced Order Types

  • Stop-Loss Limit and Take-Profit Limit:
    • For ADA: Set a stop-loss limit to a relatively closer range to the buying price due to lower volatility. Similarly, set the take-profit limit at a realistic target based on historical performance and expected market movements.
    • For SNEK and BOOK: Use a wider range for the stop-loss limit to accommodate higher volatility and avoid premature sell-offs. Set ambitious take-profit limits, but be prepared to adjust them based on market trends.
  • Trailing Limit If Touched:
    • For ADA: Set the trailing limit to trigger at a modest percentage from the peak price, as significant price jumps are less likely.
    • For SNEK and BOOK: Opt for a more aggressive trailing percentage, allowing for greater flexibility and capturing potential high profits from sudden market moves.

-Box Top and Slippage Strategies

  • Box Top with Slippage:
    • For ADA: Use this strategy to execute orders at the best available price with a minimal slippage range, given ADA’s lower volatility.
    • For SNEK and BOOK: Set a higher slippage tolerance to account for rapid price movements, ensuring execution while managing the risks of high volatility.

Community and Market Response

The launch of Axo’s public testnet on the Cardano network has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the cryptocurrency community. Since its testnet release on October 19, 2023, the platform has seen a surge in interest and participation, indicative of the crypto community’s eagerness for new and innovative trading platforms.

Axo’s feature-rich environment, including user-friendly interfaces for both beginners and advanced traders, drag-and-drop strategy composition, and on-chain programmable swaps, has been particularly well-received.

However, alongside the enthusiasm, there have been some challenges and criticisms. Notably, Ilya Oskin, the co-founder of Cardano DEX Spectrum Labs, raised concerns about Axo’s UTxO-based Order Matching Engine. He pointed out potential issues with the platform’s infrastructure that could hinder users from conducting other transactions until their orders are executed on the blockchain. Despite these concerns, Axo has been responsive to feedback and queries, actively addressing and working to resolve reported issues.

The excitement around Axo’s launch and its innovative features has not only engaged the community but also positioned the platform as a formidable presence in the DeFi space, potentially setting new standards for decentralized exchanges on Cardano and beyond. This development has been closely watched by the crypto market, although it’s yet to significantly impact Cardano’s ADA price.

Future Outlook and Implications

The future of Axo, as it integrates into the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, looks promising with a range of potential impacts and developments. Axo’s sophisticated features and capabilities are set to encourage a broader acceptance and use of decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, leading to innovations across various sectors. This development is particularly significant for the Cardano ecosystem, where Axo’s growth could attract more developers, investors, and users, thereby solidifying Cardano’s position in the blockchain space.

In the realm of financial trading, Axo’s approach, which includes programmable swaps and an advanced Order Matching Engine, could revolutionize digital asset trading. This may lead to new trading strategies and financial instruments, setting new industry standards. However, it’s crucial to note that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and various factors could influence the impact of Axo on Cardano’s ADA token price.

Regulatory challenges are another aspect to consider. As Axo and similar platforms expand, they might face increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies. How Axo adapts to these challenges could set important precedents for other DeFi platforms.

The emphasis on community-driven governance and user-friendly interfaces is expected to increase engagement and participation from a diverse range of users. This aligns with Axo’s mission to make financial services more accessible and fair, which could have significant implications for global financial inclusion, especially in underbanked regions.

Technological advancements in blockchain and smart contract programming, as exemplified by Axo, could further benefit the broader technology and financial sectors. Axo’s sensitivity to cultural and ethical concerns, highlighted in its rebranding efforts, indicates a growing awareness in the tech industry of the importance of considering global and cultural impacts.

Finally, Axo’s commitment to financial education and inclusion might lead to increased awareness and understanding of blockchain technology and decentralized finance among the general public, offering valuable educational opportunities.

Overall, while Axo’s future is laden with potential, it’s essential to keep an eye on its progress and how it navigates the ever-evolving challenges and market conditions in the DeFi space.

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The AXO token

The AXO token, associated with the Axo platform on the Cardano blockchain, has a clearly defined tokenomics structure. With a fixed supply of 42 million tokens, AXO’s allocation and distribution are strategically planned to support the platform’s vision and sustainability.

Allocation Breakdown

  1. Development (20%): This portion is allocated for the ongoing development of the Axo platform. It will be distributed over a 4-year period, ensuring consistent and long-term support for platform enhancements and innovations.
  2. Treasury (25%): The treasury allocation is set aside to support various operational and strategic needs of the platform, acting as a financial reserve.
  3. Platform Rewards (45%): A significant portion of the tokens is dedicated to platform rewards. This could be a mechanism to incentivize user participation and engagement within the Axo ecosystem.
  4. Early Adopter Airdrop (5%): This allocation is targeted at rewarding early adopters of the platform, recognizing their early support and contribution.
  5. Private Sale (5%): A small percentage of the tokens were made available through a private sale, which is a common practice for new blockchain projects to secure initial funding and interest.

Commitment to the Future

  • Vesting Period: The tokens are vested over a 4-year period, which aligns with the platform’s long-term development and adoption strategies. This gradual distribution approach is often used to maintain token stability and encourage sustained growth.
  • Fixed Supply and Circulating Supply: The total supply of AXO tokens is capped at 42,000,000, with none in circulation initially. This fixed supply underscores the platform’s commitment to a deflationary model, preventing inflationary pressures.

How to Acquire AXO Tokens

Interested users and investors are advised to stay updated with Axo’s announcements on social media and their official channels. Being part of Axo’s community is essential to be among the first to acquire AXO tokens when they become available.

The tokenomics of AXO reflect a well-thought-out structure, aiming to balance platform development, user rewards, and strategic financial management. This structure is critical for building a sustainable and efficient financial system as envisioned by the Axo platform.

Market analysis and Market Cap Prediction

What is the market that AXO is attacking?

We believe that the DeFi space will easily 20x by 2030 and end up between consumer banking and insurances.

This is due to all the traction, the scarcity of good platforms/digital assets in the space and the first bridges with the traditional world (ETFs) pouring billion of dollars into the DeFi world: we think it could reach $4 trillion USD.

Also, we believe that AXO, long term, is going for the hedge funds software market which will be at 2 billion USD in 2027 and probably around 3.5 billion USD in 2030:

Let’s combine those 2 market capitalization projections and assume that AXO takes 1% of that entire market: this is a 40 billion USD market capitalization.

Assuming a market capitalization of 100 million USD the first year at the launch of the token: this would be a 400x potential by 2030.


Axo’s innovative features, such as auto-generating smart contracts with programmable swaps, secure operations through the formally verified x programming language, and an array of advanced trading strategies, set it apart in the DeFi landscape. These features aim to provide security, efficiency, and user empowerment, positioning Axo as a leader in innovative blockchain technology.

The platform’s tokenomics reveal a fixed supply of 42 million AXO tokens, with a strategic allocation designed to support sustainable growth and platform development. The token distribution includes portions for development, treasury, platform rewards, early adopter airdrops, and private sales, ensuring long-term platform sustainability.

The community and market response to Axo’s launch have been overwhelmingly positive, indicating strong interest and participation in the platform. However, alongside this enthusiasm, there have been challenges and criticisms, particularly regarding the platform’s UTxO-based Order Matching Engine and its impact on user transactions. Axo’s team has been responsive to this feedback, demonstrating their commitment to continual improvement and user satisfaction.

Looking to the future, Axo’s innovative approach to digital asset trading, its robust tokenomics, and its potential to influence the broader DeFi and blockchain sectors are unmistakable. The platform’s strategies for trading various risk-profile assets, such as ADA, SNEK, and BOOK, highlight its versatility and sophistication. From market making to technical strategies and DCA, Axo offers a range of tools to suit different investment styles and risk tolerances.

In conclusion, Axo stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of DeFi and blockchain technology. Its commitment to innovation, security, and user-centric design makes it a noteworthy platform, poised to make significant contributions to the future of decentralized finance and digital asset trading.

Wen mainnet?

This is not financial advice and I’m invested in the Cardano ecosystem.

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