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How much is a gram of 18-carat gold worth?

How much is a gram of 18-carat gold worth?

What is the price per gram of 18-carat gold?

Would you like to know how much a gram of 18-carat gold costs? The answer depends largely on the current price of gold, which is subject to constant variations! It’s important to understand that in one gram of 18-carat gold, there are 18 gold parts out of a total of 24. This means that the precious gold is mixed with other metals to obtain a coin or piece of jewelry that contains 75% pure gold. In this article, we will guide you through the process of calculating the price of 18-carat gold, using the price per gram of pure gold as a basis, and provide you with valuable advice on how to best estimate the value of your jewelry.

What is a carat of gold?

What is a gold carat? It’s a unit of measurement that indicates the purity of the solid gold contained in jewelry gold. A jeweler’s carat is the equivalent of 1/24th of pure gold in the total mass of a jewel. gold alloy.

The higher the number of carats, the higher the gold content of the alloy. 18-carat gold, also known as 750 thousandths gold, consists of 75% pure gold. It’s the most common in France, which is why it’s important to know the price per gram of 18-carat gold. To find out the
exact weight of your goldIf you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit one of our specialized agencies.

18-carat gold, the most common gold in France

Not all carats of gold have the same pure gold content, nor do they have the same value in terms ofbuying and selling gold. The price per gram of 18-carat gold depends on the price of pure gold at any given time.

Whether the gold is in good condition or partially damaged, its price depends on the titration of the precious metal, which are our famous carats. In France, 18-carat gold is used for jewelry design.

Jewelry has at least the value of the gold of which it is made. Other objects may have an appraised value in the context of an appraisal.
jewelry buy-back by their rarity, their aestheticism, or the signature of a renowned house or craftsman via hallmarks.

How to calculate the price per gram of 18-carat gold?

To calculate the price per gram of 18-carat gold, divide the price per kilo by 1,000. This gives you the price of one gram of pure gold. Then multiply this result by the pure gold content of 18-carat gold, i.e. 75%.

We obtain the following formula: (price of gold per Kg ÷ 1000) x 0.750 = value per gram of 18-carat gold.

Here’s a concrete example:

  • The price of a 1kg gold bar is €50,000.
  • The price per gram of pure gold is therefore 50,000 ÷ 1,000 = 50 €.
  • The price per gram of 18-carat gold is 50 € x 0.750 = 37.50 €.
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Please note that this is only a guide and not a purchase or selling price. gold jewelry buy-back ! Other factors are also taken into account, such as the state of preservation of the jewel and the quality of the soldering (springs, clasps, screws, pins). Redemption costs may also be incurred.

Factors influencing the price per gram of 18-carat gold

Whether buying or selling coins, ingots or bullion, a thorough understanding of the variables that can affect the price of a precious metal is essential. This guarantees safer, more profitable transactions. The price per gram of 18-carat gold is influenced by several key factors:

  • quotation on world markets The price of gold is mainly determined by its quotation on world markets. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) plays a crucial role in this quotation, particularly for 18-carat gold, which contains 75% pure gold.
  • Supply and demand As with any precious metal, supply and demand influence the price. If demand for 18-carat gold increases (for jewelry, investments, etc.) without a corresponding supply, the price per gram of gold rises.
  • Weight and purity Gold’s purity, measured in carats, and its weight, often measured in grams, ounces or kilos, are determining factors in the calculation of its price. For example, in the case of a one-kilo ingot will have a different price from a sovereign gold coin or bullion.
  • Currency fluctuations The price of a gram of gold can be affected by currency fluctuations, notably the dollar and the euro. If the value of these currencies falls, the price of gold tends to rise, and vice versa.
  • Economic and political factors Unstable economic situations and political tensions in various countries can increase demand for gold as a safe investment, thus affecting the price per gram of gold.

How to have 18-carat gold appraised?

Knowing the price per gram of 18-carat gold does not give you a direct indication of the value of your jewel. For this, there are several options available to you:

  • The numismatic professional: a numismatist or antique coin expert, with extensive knowledge of ancient coins, will be able to give you an estimate of the value of your 18-carat gold.
  • Online currency converter: if you know the weight of your gold and the price of gold, you can use an online currency converter.
  • The gold buyer: ask a gold broker or jewelry store for an appraisal of your 18-carat gold.

Quality and certification factors

It’s important not only to understand the factors that influence the price of 18-carat gold, but also to know the quality and certification criteria. This is essential for any investor or collector. To guarantee the quality and certification of gold, several criteria must be taken into account:

  • Carats and composition Carats indicate the purity of gold. 18-carat gold contains 75% pure gold, the remainder being made up of other metals. The quality of the alloy can influence the value of the gold.
  • Certification by recognized agencies Certification by bodies such as the LBMA guarantees the quality of gold. Bullion and coins certified by these agencies are recognized worldwide for their purity and quality.
  • Physical fitness The condition of gold (scratches, deformations) can affect its value. Gold coins such as Napoleon or bullion in perfect condition are generally more valuable.
  • History and provenance The origin and history of gold, particularly for historic coins and bars, can add a premium to their value due to their historical importance or rarity.
  • Market premium The premium represents the difference between the selling price of gold and its value. It varies according to market demand, scarcity and availability.
  • Authenticity and hallmarking The authenticity of gold is essential. Gold coins and bars must be hallmarked to certify their purity and true weight.
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How do you know the carat number of your gold?

We’ve talked a lot about the price per gram of 18-carat gold, but how do you know the number of carats in a piece of jewelry at first glance? Here’s how:

  • Check the hallmark on your gold jewelry: most gold jewelry is hallmarked to indicate its carat purity. The hallmark is engraved on the side of the jewel or on the chain. It can be small and very fine, so take your time to find it!
  • Consult a professional The hallmark may not be found, or you may not understand its meaning. In this case, our experts can help you determine the purity and quality of your product. quality of the gold.
  • Use a gold test: acid tests or electronic tests can give an estimate of your gold’s purity.

Where can I buy and sell gold safely?

Les Métaux Précieux specializes in the buying and selling of precious metals, as well as the diamond buy-back. We welcome you to our branches in the 12th and 15th arrondissements in Paris to help you invest in gold at the right price.

Our gold experts are at your service. Show us your 18-carat gold jewelry (or any other piece!) for a free, no-obligation appraisal. Our experts’ experience and know-how enable them to answer all your questions and provide you with the best possible guidance.

We base our estimates on the price per gram of 18-carat gold, in real time, for a fair price in line with the market. All transactions are traceable, secure and reliable, so you can buy and sell gold in the best possible conditions.

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