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SingularityNET Will Present 2 New Robot Sisters

SingularityNET, the AI crypto project on Cardano, will have the opportunity to participate in the “AI for Good Global Summit” 2023, where they will showcase our newest advancements in robotics and AI research and development.

Hanson Robotics, a company known for creating innovative humanoid robots, has recently garnered global recognition for their latest creation, Sophia.

Sophia is designed to have a human-like appearance and can convey various emotions through its facial expressions and gestures. One of Sophia’s most impressive features is its advanced neural network, which allows it to process speech and facial recognition, making it capable of engaging in conversations and recognizing individuals. At an upcoming event, Sophia will be presented by David Hanson, the CEO and Founder of Hanson Robotics.

In addition to Sophia, Hanson Robotics has also developed two other robots in collaboration with SingularityNET.

The first one, named Grace, was specifically designed to assist and provide companionship to elderly individuals and people with disabilities. Grace is capable of performing various tasks, including meal preparation, cleaning, and medication reminders, with the goal of improving the quality of life for those in need.


The second robot, Desdemona, is a musician in the Jam Galaxy Band that runs on both music and electricity. Desdemona’s mission is to spread the message that AI can be a powerful tool for positive change in the creative arts. Both Grace and Desdemona will be introduced by Ben Goertzel, the CEO and Founder of SingularityNET.


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