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Best Avalanche Projects

I love Avalanche. The ecosystem is great and growing a bit more everyday. The projects are about very diverse topics like decentralized insurance, gameFi, DeFi or NFTs. In fact, If I had to compare it to the Cardano ecosystem, I would say that it is a little bit smaller but growing at an impressive speed. The strong technical foundations of Avalanche (speed, low cost, efficiency) are pushing the whole ecosystem to deliver more. Alternatively, Avalanche is known to treat developers like kings with very well paid hackatons. This is a seed planted that will give beautiful fruits in the near future. Now, let’s jump in. What are the best Avalanche projects?

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1. Degis ($DEG)


First, let’s start with an impressive project. Degis is a special protocol on Avalanche. It is the next generation of DeFi ecosystems offering protection to traders and users in general. In other terms, Degis wants to insure crypto holders making sure that they’re covered from the risks of DeFi, without central entity. Their native token DEG is at the centre of the platform and encourages incentives from users to increase the reliability and security of the entire ecosystem.

2. Ascenders ($AGC)


What is Ascenders? Ascenders is one of the top GameFi projects building on Avalanche. In fact, the game is re-inventing the concept of RPG using DeFi. Users will be able to play, earn and trade based on 2 tokens. The first token is $AGC, it’s a governance token to empower the players with in-game assets and features. The $GG token is the fuel: a currency that can be used on DEXes and NFTs marketplaces.

3. Avalaunch ($XAVA)


The Avalaunch protocol is a decentralized fundraising launchpad for projects of the Avalanche ecosystem. It comes with a native token XAVA that you can stake or use to support projects you like through sales. You can also, why not, launch your own project and ask for fundings! There is a strong emphasis on KYC at sign up so the whole thing is legit and transparent. The team seems very strong and experienced making it a great choice of platform to follow and use. To me this is one of the best Avalanche projects.

4. Colony ($CLY)


The Colony project is another protocol focusing on accelerating projects on the Avalanche blockchain. Community is at its core, it’s possible for Colony’s users to vote for capital deployment across the Avalanche ecosystem: Liquidity providing, Early-stage Investments, Staking Program, Index. The native token is called $CLY and can be used to fuel the activity of the ecosystem.

5.  Imperium Empires ($IME)

Imperium Empires

Whatever that is, it looks fancy! Imperium Empires is … wait for it… a massive-multiplayer-online-real-time-strategy (MMORTS). And it is in an impressive metaverse that has been designed on Avalanche. You can play to earn but you can also stake and there is a marketplace to buy in-game items. In fact, the currency of this world is called $IME and will allow you to unlock all the features in that futuristic ecosystem.

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6.  YieldYak ($YAK)


The YieldYak project is the first DeFI platform I’ve used on Avalanche. In fact, It allows you to ear yield on your tokens with autocompound farming reward. The selection of farms is simply huge and offers a large variety of choice for your passive income. The UI is very nice and the platforms has earned a reputation of reliability over the years with low gas cost, no hacks and great support.

7. Benqi ($BENQI)


What is Benqi? Benqi is a yield-generating protocol on the Avalanche blockchain. The native token of the platform is called QI. Not only you can earn yield in liquidity pools with Benqi but you can also borrow crypto (like AVAX or any other token from the platform) if you lock enough collateral. In fact, the rates are interesting and can allow you to build wealth by borrowing and staking your borrowed asset if you believe that the crypto market will go up.

8. Verso ($VSO)


Verso finance is one of my favourite projects because slightly different from the others above. In fact, their plan is to scale an insurance products via an integrated network of wallets, platforms and marketplaces. In other terms, they’re building a decentralized insurance platform using proprietary smart contracts and validator. Their token (VSO) is the fuel of the project and can be purchased on various exchanges listed on their website.

9. Trader Joe ($JOE)

Trader Joe does it all! It’s THE platform to trade on Avalanche but also earn, stake, lend, borrow, launch and … shop!
Yes, all of the above. The selection of farming pools is large and you can also lend your crypto for a reward. The NFT marketplace is also developing at a fast speed. I wrote an article to get high yields on Trader Joe, have a look at it and let me know what you think on Twitter. Side note: I love the design of their website and the vibe it spreads.

10. Kalao ($KALAO)


Now a bit of NFTs! Kalao is an NFT marketplace on Avalanche allowing you to buy and sell digital art on the Avalanche blockchain. The design of the website is really good: there is a mint section letting you know in advance what collection will be released so you can prepare yourself for your favourite upcoming art mint. My personal opinion on NFTs on Avalanche is that we’re VERY early. As a result, the platform gives you an opportunity to trade high-risk high-reward digital art assets.

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11. Penguin Finance ($PEFI)

Penguin Finance

What a name! Penguin Finance is a gameFi and a DeFi platform. You can play and earn but your can also farm and stake! This unique combination of features makes of Penguin Finance a really interesting project. And that’s not everything. Penguin Finance also developed a small NTT marketplace for people to purchase collectibles. The total value locked is now above 1.2 million USD, which is small in comparison to others in the list, however that value has been skyrocketing showing that more growth is probably to come.

12. Crabada ($CRA)


This game looks fun! Crabada is a green play-and-earn NFT game based on a colourful world as you can see from the image. It’s all about crabs! The tokens of the ecosystem are $CRA and $TUS for Treasury Under The Sea. $TUS is an in-game token earned when playing. But you can also buy it via DEXes. These tokens are listed on Trader Joe for example. The whitepaper details the relationship between the 2 tokens as well as the rules for battles.

13. Heroes Chained ($HEC)

Heroes Chained

What is Heroes Chained? It’s an RPG game with a play-and-earn dimension where players can actually become “Guild Master” to collect and gather “heroes”, the collectible from the game. The token ($HEC) has a balanced tokenomics and vesting making the project interesting. It goes with a marketplace and various collectible to trade or use in the game. The token can be staked making it an interesting young GameFi project of the Avalanche space.

14. Avaxtars ($AVXT)


Avaxtars launched recently in 2021. It is an abbreviation of AVAX Stars. AVAX is the name of the main coin of the Avalanche blockchain platform where Avaxtars was launched on. Avaxtars is the first browser based Play to Earn (P2E) idle game on Avalanche platform.If you like Sci-Fi, if you like blockchain and if you like GameFi with an amazing storing line, jump in! The whole ecosystem is based on futuristic NFTs that you can collect and trade. The token is called $AVXT and allow you to trade in this fantastic universe.

15. Domani Protocol ($DEXTF)

Domani Protocol

The “Domani” project is a protocol to democratize crypto management and allow users to invest in a diversity of Avalanche assets. An amazing feature of Domani is the ability to invest in portfolios rather than assets. You can even do better: create your own portfolio and share it with the community. It’s basically “portfolio tokenisation” and does really sound like a new derivative product in the crypto space. The token of the platform is $DEXTF mostly used for governance.

Thanks for reading.
n.b: this is not financial advice

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