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Best Silver Coins to Buy

Embarking on the journey of precious metals investing is an exciting, multifaceted venture that can offer several benefits. Whether you are seeking to diversify your investment portfolio, safeguard your wealth against inflation, or simply fulfill a personal fascination with tangible assets, silver coins are a compelling choice. This timeless form of wealth has held its own in the global financial stage, offering a relatively stable investment opportunity even in times of economic uncertainty. What are the best silver coins to buy? What is the Abraham Lincoln coin?

Silver coins are cherished not only for their intrinsic value but also for their rich historical significance, appealing design elements, and often, their rarity. They offer investors and collectors a palpable connection to history and different cultures, all wrapped up in a small, shiny package that fits in the palm of your hand.

However, not all silver coins are created equal. Factors such as the weight, purity, demand, and the reputation of the mint can significantly impact a coin’s value and desirability. Moreover, the sheer variety of silver coins available on the market can feel overwhelming, especially for those new to the world of precious metals.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best silver coins to add to your collection or investment portfolio. We’ll provide you with the knowledge needed to make confident decisions about purchasing silver coins, illuminating the standout features that give these coins their allure and value. So, whether you’re an experienced investor seeking to branch out into precious metals or a novice collector taking your first step into this shiny new world, read on to discover the top silver coins you should consider buying today.

Best Silver Bullion Coins

1. American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle is an iconic silver coin that holds a position of prominence in the world of precious metals. Struck by the United States Mint since 1986, this coin is renowned for its beauty, purity, and widely recognized design.

The coin is made from one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, making it a valuable asset for those interested in investing in silver. Its high silver content, along with its reputation and backing by the United States government, contributes to its strong liquidity and acceptance worldwide.

The design of the American Silver Eagle is steeped in history. The obverse features the “Walking Liberty” design by Adolph A. Weinman, which was first used on the half dollar coin from 1916 to 1947. This iconic image portrays Lady Liberty in stride, draped in an American flag, with her right hand outstretched towards the rising sun. In her left hand, she carries branches of laurel and oak, symbolizing civil and military glory.

On the reverse side, you’ll find a heraldic eagle design by John Mercanti, the 12th Chief Engraver of the United States Mint. The eagle holds a shield, symbolizing American strength and pride. In its beak, the eagle carries a banner with the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” meaning “Out of Many, One.” Above the eagle are 13 stars representing the original 13 colonies.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a novice collector, the American Silver Eagle offers a combination of intrinsic value, historical significance, and aesthetic appeal. It’s not only a tangible piece of American history but also a worthwhile addition to any investment portfolio or coin collection. The first item of our list of best silver coins to buy.

2. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is one of the most recognizable and sought-after silver coins worldwide. Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988, this coin is appreciated for its high silver purity, iconic design, and reliable authenticity.

The coin consists of one troy ounce of .9999 fine silver, which is a remarkable trait in the world of silver bullion. This high level of purity, paired with the coin’s wide recognition, makes it an attractive option for both collectors and investors. Its value is backed by the Canadian government, enhancing its credibility on a global scale.

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The design of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is emblematic and rich in national symbolism. As the name suggests, the reverse side of the coin displays a beautifully detailed image of a maple leaf, an enduring symbol of Canada. This image is crafted with precise detail, capturing the unique ridges and veins of a real maple leaf.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Over the years, the depiction of the Queen has changed to reflect her age, making each version of the coin a snapshot in time of her reign. The design is completed with inscriptions of the Queen’s name, the denomination of the coin, and the year of minting.

In addition to its purity and design, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf incorporates advanced security features to protect against counterfeiting. This includes radial lines and a micro-engraved laser mark, making it a frontrunner in coin security.

Overall, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a fine choice for anyone looking to invest in silver or enhance their coin collection. It offers a blend of high silver content, historical importance, aesthetic appeal, and cutting-edge security, making it a standout in the realm of precious metal coins. The second item of our list of best silver coins to buy.

3. Austrian Silver Philharmonic

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is a renowned silver coin that has earned a place of respect among investors and collectors worldwide. It’s produced by the Austrian Mint and was first issued in 2008. This coin is celebrated not only for its high silver content but also for its unique homage to Austria’s rich cultural history.

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin consists of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Its purity, along with the reputation of the Austrian Mint and the backing of the Austrian government, enhances its acceptance and liquidity in global markets.

The design of this coin pays tribute to the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the oldest and continually performing orchestras globally. The orchestra is a significant part of Austria’s cultural identity, and its inclusion on the country’s premier silver coin adds an additional layer of national pride and historical value to the piece.

On the obverse side, the coin features the Great Organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna’s concert hall, Musikverein, where the orchestra performs. Above the organ, you will find the words “REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH” (Republic of Austria) and below it, the weight, purity, year of issue, and nominal value of the coin.

The reverse side showcases an array of orchestral instruments, including a Vienna horn, bassoon, harp, and four violins centered around a cello. The words “WIENER PHILHARMONIKER” (Vienna Philharmonic) are inscribed above the instruments.

Investors appreciate the Austrian Silver Philharmonic for its fine silver content and universal recognition, while collectors value it for its detailed, musically-themed design. Whether you’re an investment-focused buyer or a music-loving numismatist, this coin presents a harmonious blend of tangible value, national heritage, and aesthetic appeal. The third item of our list of best silver coins to buy.

4. Australian Silver Kookaburra

The Australian Silver Kookaburra is a standout in the world of silver coins, captivating investors and collectors alike with its annually changing design and high silver content. Introduced by the Perth Mint in 1990, this coin holds a unique place in the hearts of those passionate about precious metals.

Comprised of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, the Australian Silver Kookaburra offers a tangible asset for those interested in the intrinsic value of silver. The coin’s value is backed by the Australian government, further cementing its credibility and acceptance in global markets.

What truly sets the Australian Silver Kookaburra apart is its dynamic design. Unlike many silver coins that maintain a consistent design year after year, the image of the kookaburra on this coin changes annually. This makes each year’s coin a unique piece of art and can increase the coin’s appeal to collectors.

The kookaburra, a bird native to Australia and known for its distinctive call that sounds eerily like human laughter, has become an iconic symbol of the Australian outback. The careful depiction of the kookaburra in various poses and settings provides a refreshing glimpse into Australia’s unique wildlife and landscapes.

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The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The design is completed with inscriptions of the Queen’s name, the denomination of the coin, and the year of minting.

In addition to its fine silver content and annually changing design, the Australian Silver Kookaburra often comes in limited mintage numbers, potentially increasing its value for collectors.

Overall, the Australian Silver Kookaburra presents an appealing combination of tangible asset value, national symbolism, and artistic variation. Whether you’re an investor seeking a solid silver asset or a collector drawn to unique and changing designs, this coin is a noteworthy choice. The fourth item of our list of best silver coins to buy.

5. Mexican Silver Libertad

The Mexican Silver Libertad is a sterling example of a silver coin that carries both historical weight and substantial intrinsic value. Struck by the Mexican Mint, the oldest mint in the Americas, this coin has been in circulation since 1982 and holds a revered place in the global precious metals market.

The Mexican Silver Libertad is composed of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Its purity, along with its backing by a mint with a history stretching back to 1535, ensures a high level of acceptance among investors and collectors worldwide.

The coin’s design is steeped in Mexican history and culture, making it a tangible representation of the nation’s rich heritage. The obverse features the Mexican National Seal with the eagle from the Mexican coat of arms surrounded by the official name of Mexico in Spanish and an array of ten different historic national coats of arms.

The reverse of the coin showcases two important national symbols: the Winged Victoria statue in the forefront and the well-known Mexican volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, in the background. The Winged Victoria, a symbol of independence and victory, is a famous Mexican statue found in the center of Mexico City.

The Mexican Silver Libertad doesn’t carry a face value, which is unusual for a bullion coin. Instead, its value is determined by the current silver spot price, adding to its unique charm.

In sum, the Mexican Silver Libertad offers a potent blend of high silver content, historical symbolism, and the assurance that comes from being produced by one of the world’s oldest mints. It is an ideal choice for both the savvy investor looking to add diversity to their portfolio and the discerning collector seeking coins of significant cultural value. The fifth item of our list of best silver coins to buy.


In conclusion, investing in silver coins offers a unique opportunity to combine tangible wealth with cultural appreciation and historical significance. Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking a solid asset to diversify your portfolio or a history enthusiast attracted to the rich stories told through coinage, silver coins provide a unique blend of both worlds.

From the patriotic American Silver Eagle to the culturally rich Mexican Silver Libertad, each coin carries its own story and appeal. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf boasts exceptional purity, while the Austrian Silver Philharmonic pays tribute to the country’s renowned musical heritage. Meanwhile, the Australian Silver Kookaburra offers a unique glimpse into Australia’s native wildlife, with a fresh design each year that keeps collectors on their toes.

Purchasing silver coins isn’t just about acquiring physical silver. It’s about owning a piece of art, a snapshot of history, and a universally recognized form of wealth. So whether you’re drawn to the security and potential appreciation of precious metals or the allure of holding a beautifully crafted piece of national identity in your hands, the world of silver coins awaits to enrich your investment journey. Remember, the best silver coin to buy is not only the one that holds its value over time but also the one that resonates with you on a personal level. Happy collecting and investing!

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