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How much is a gold bullion bar worth?

How much is a gold bar worth? 24-carat gold bullion is one of the purest and most precious forms of yellow metal. As such, it has been used as a store of value for centuries, attracting the attention of investors and collectors worldwide. For your information, you can also follow the price of gold bullion in real time.

Current price of gold bullion

The price of a gold bar depends on the world gold market. This market is influenced by supply and demand, as well as other economic and geopolitical factors. Thus, inflation, interest rates, currency fluctuations and geopolitical tensions can also affect the value of gold bullion.

how much is gold bullion worth

How much is a bar of gold worth?

Ingot 1 kg 59 090,00€
Lingotin 500g 31 500,00€
Lingotin 250g 16 200,00€
Lingotin 100g 6 440,00€
Lingotin 50g 3 220,00€
Lingotin Once 2 020,00€
Lingotin 20g 1 300,00€
Lingotin 10g 650,00€
Lingotin 5g 328,00€
Gold bullion prices

Gold ingots are available in various sizes and weights. Gold purity is measured in carats, i.e. 24 carats (99.9% pure gold) for bars and ingots. As such, these products are quoted internationally.

So, if you want to invest in physical gold ? When you buy 1 kg ingotyou benefit from the certificate of authenticity. In fact, it contains several pieces of information, including the name of the smelter.

How much is gold bullion worth? Factors influencing their value

Several factors influence the price of gold bullion :

  • global gold supply and demand
  • the world economic situation
  • inflation
  • interest rates
  • currency fluctuations
  • geo-political tensions
  • financial crises.

In times of economic uncertainty, gold is often seen as a safe haven.

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It is therefore important to take these factors into account when valuing gold. value of a gold bar. So, if you’re considering investing in gold bullion, it’s advisable to consult precious metals experts to make informed decisions.

Resale market

When it comes to reselling gold bullionunderstanding the resale market is essential. Gold bars are generally sold to refineries, banks or traders specializing in precious metals.

When you wish to sell an ingot, the selling price is determined by the daily quotation. In fact, this is established every day, from Monday to Friday at 2 p.m., by the dealing room.

Where to buy gold bars?

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