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PlayStation VR2 Is Out!

When the PSVR was released, it was one of the first VR headsets that consumers could easily access. Though it was simple to set up at the time, it relied on outdated controls through the now-obsolete Move controllers and a camera mounted on the TV. However, the PSVR proved that there was a future for VR in gaming and demonstrated Sony’s commitment to making VR more accessible and user-friendly.

Last year, Sony made waves with the announcement of its PSVR2. Boasting impressive specs and a price point of $550, it sat comfortably between the entry-level Oculus Quest 2 and the pricier PC-bound Vive Pro 2. The headset featured a 4K OLED screen operating at 120Hz and inside-out sensing, which eliminated the need for mounted cameras or emitters. It also came equipped with improved controllers inspired by those of other devices.

With a 4K OLED screen working at 120Hz, inside-out sensing (meaning no mounted cameras or emitters), and a pair of controllers cribbed from others and improved on, it seemed to embody a best of breed, its primary drawback being that it is a single-platform device.

Image Credits: Sony

But even at 4K and 120Hz, you can’t escape physics, and in fact your eyes are only an inch or two from the screen, with a complex Fresnel lens assembly between them. The result is — as it has pretty much always been — shimmering, chromatic aberration, smearing, aliasing, vignetting and inevitably eye fatigue.

A good product yes, but still failing to escape its niche!

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