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The GameFi Agora Platform Unveils Its NFT Collections On Ethereum (ETH)

A promising roadmap for the year 2023: the blockchain gaming platform Agora has launched its 2 collections of non-fungible tokens (NFT) “Genesis” on the Ultra and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains. These NFTs, divided into 3 levels of rarity, offer many advantages for their holders, including guaranteed eligibility for an AGA token airdrop.

Agora launches its first “Genesis” NFT collections

Agora (AGA), the all-in-one GameFi-focused platform, has just launched the second mint of its “Genesis” collection for the Ethereum (ETH) community, after its first drop on Ultra’s Uniq marketplace.

Result of the collaboration of SwissBorg and the Ultra platform, a video game ecosystem structured on the blockchain, Agora defines itself as a gateway aiming to make the link between decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain gaming. The project is still young, but is supported by industry giants and displays a promising roadmap for the year 2023. NFT

To weave this link between DeFi and GameFi, Agora offers its own token, the AGA, which offers multiple advantages within its ecosystem. These advantages include, among other things, the possibility of the staker in order to be rewarded with the transaction fees collected on the platform, but also with esAGA and veAGA tokens, which themselves offer certain benefits. It is also possible to deposit AGA tokens into protocol liquidity pools in order to be rewarded in esAGA.

Moreover, holding AGA tokens allows you to have privileged access to the Agora launchpad, which will be continuously enhanced with promising projects carefully selected by the project teams. Its release is scheduled for later this year, along with other new features.

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Thus, after successfully launching its first collection of “UOS” non-fungible tokens (NFT) at the end of January, Agora is repeating the experience with an “ETH” collection in order to get closer to the Ethereum community.

Genesis NFT

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How to get Agora NFTs?

The first mint started at the end of January being now closed, it is still possible to obtain NFTs from the second “ETH” collection. on the dedicated page. The 2 collections of NFT total 3 levels of rarity, including Tier 3 “ Hydra “, the rarest, which is now exclusively available on the secondary market via the Uniq marketplace.

This allows, among other things, to have assured eligibility for an airdrop of AGA tokens proportional to its sale priceaccess to exclusive physical events, early access to future Agora services, including its launchpad and decentralized exchange (DEX), as well as an inherent reward boost for cash deposits on the protocol.

The NFT Tier 2 “ medusa “, offered at the price of 0.24 ETH, offers many advantages, including eligibility for the airdrop of 10,800 AGA tokensaccess to physical events, boost on rewards, as well as access to physical events in Agora.

Finally, NFT Tier 1 “ Minotaur », offered at a price of 0.165 ETH, offers the same advantages as Tier 2, but with an airdrop of 6,250 AGA tokens. Note that the latter is still available on the primary market.

Note that for AGA tokens offered proportionally to the value of each NFT, these are distributed on the basis of their value in the seed round, i.e. $0.04 (instead of 0.16 dollar during the future distribution in the form of Initial Dex Offering). This is a huge opportunity, these rates are usually reserved for private investors.

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Agora NFT

For the Minotaur and Medusa NFTs, these 2 belonging to Agora’s “ETH” collection, you can find them on the OpenSea secondary market. The Agora ecosystem, powered by Ultra and SwissBorg, is still in its infancy, so owning one of these NFTs could potentially prove interesting when this one is developed.

If you want to know more about the different benefits of NFTs, find Agora’s blog post on this subject.

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