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Watches & Wonders 2022: The IWC Novelties

For this 2022 edition of Watches & Wonders, the Schaffhausen brand bets everything on the Top Gun collection and on ceramics, with unique colors created in direct collaboration with Pantone. A daring but very successful bet that will delight fans of the famous franchise as well as lovers of pilot’s watches in search of modernity. Focus on these new variations proposed by IWC.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun “Woodland”

Let’s start with this news Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun “Woodland” Edition, featuring a dark green hue found throughout the watch, inspired by Top Gun academy uniforms and forests over which its pilots fly. Its 44.5mm diameter case is made of colored ceramic obtained in a high temperature kiln respecting a very precise timing and houses a caliber 69380, automatic movement with chronograph function offering 46 hours of power reserve. To complete its monochrome look, this IWC is embellished with a rubber strap inlaid with textile. Price : 11,200€

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun “Lake Tahoe”

This time it’s the US Navy uniforms who are in the spotlight, just like the Snows Surrounding Lake Tahoe bordering Nevada and California in winter. This new color of ceramic case called “IWC Lake Tahoe” is contrasted by a black dial and a crown/chronograph pushers set in polished steel to give it a sleek look. The caliber remains the same as for the “Woodland” edition, while the strap once again mixes rubber and fabric but with a white tint. Price : 11,200€

Big Pilot’s Watch & Perpetual Calendar Top Gun “Mojave Desert”

For this “Mojave Desert” shade inspired by flight suits and China Lake scenery where is the academy of the Hollywood saga, exit the chronograph and make way for the big pilot’s watches. Two watches are offered with, to begin with, a Big Pilot’s Watch with 7-day power reserve with a reserve indicator positioned on the matte gray dial at 3 o’clock, all measuring 46mm in diameter. The second is a perpetual calendar also equipped with a large case, 46.5mm this time, containing a caliber which will indicate the day, the week, the date, the year and the lunation precisely until 2100. Price: 16,400 And 38,500€

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Pilot’s Watch Chronograph, Double Chronograph, Timezoner and Perpetual Calendar Top Gun “Ceratanium”

This tactical look at the shade named “IWC Ceratanium” is not just a ceramic color, but a proprietary material of IWC having required 5 years of research and development. This mixes the lightness and hardness of titanium with the anti-scratch property of ceramic. These are in total 4 watches labeled Top Gun that the manufacture offers us: a Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 entirely – almost – black, a Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph with split-seconds needle, a Pilot’s Watch Timezoner with patented time zone function, as well as a Large Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar equipped with a movement offering 168 hours of power reserve (7 days). Price : 13,300, 16,200, 18,600 And 54,400€

Pilot’s Watch Automatic, Chronograph & Big Pilot’s Watch 43 Top Gun “Jet Black”

Let’s end with the shade “IWC Jet Black” which draws its inspiration from fighter aircraft component coatings. A total of 4 black ceramic cases were created: a Big Pilot’s Watch 43, a Pilot’s Watch Automatic, then a Pilot’s Watch Chronograph. All are coupled with titanium crowns, as are the case backs engraved with the Top Gun logo, and embellished with fabric straps with leather pieces. Price : 10,800, 6,400 And 9,100€

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