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Best crypto podcasts

Best Crypto Podcasts

In the fast-paced, volatile, and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, staying informed is not just an option, it’s a necessity. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a blockchain enthusiast, or a curious newbie venturing into the realm of digital assets, the sheer complexity of the space can often be overwhelming. Cryptocurrency isn’t just about Bitcoin or Ethereum anymore – it’s about a whole new digital universe teeming with diverse projects, tokens, technologies, and concepts. What are the best crypto podcasts?

One of the best ways to keep pace with this vibrant, complex world is to tune into thought-provoking and informative podcasts that delve deep into the cryptoverse. Podcasts offer the unique advantage of blending education with entertainment, providing listeners with enlightening content they can absorb while commuting, exercising, or during any ‘down’ time.

This article provides a comprehensive rundown of the top cryptocurrency podcasts as of 2023. These platforms encompass a broad range of topics, from the intricacies of blockchain technology and crypto trading to insightful interviews with leading industry figures, dissecting the complexities of this exciting frontier. Whether you’re in pursuit of investment strategies, technical knowledge, or just the latest updates, these podcasts will equip you with the insights you need to navigate the cryptosphere. So, plug in your headphones, and let’s step into the world of crypto podcasts. Here is my list of best crypto podcasts!

Top 5 Crypto Podcasts

1. Unchained

“Unchained” is a highly respected podcast in the realm of cryptocurrency. The show is hosted by Laura Shin, an independent journalist with a specific focus on all things crypto. Shin is a former senior editor at Forbes, and she has considerable experience covering blockchain technology, crypto assets, and fintech.

“Unchained” delves deep into the world of cryptocurrencies, offering insights and perspectives on how blockchain technology can catalyze the decentralization of the world economy. The podcast stands out for its comprehensive, detailed interviews with the industry’s most influential figures, including entrepreneurs, business leaders, tech innovators, and more. Through these discussions, listeners gain an understanding of what these pioneers are building and why, and how it could transform industries, society, and daily life.

“Unchained” explores a variety of topics such as the implications of different blockchain and crypto innovations, the technical mechanisms of various digital currencies, and the evolving regulatory landscape around cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and beyond, Laura Shin delves into the heart of each subject with her guests, providing listeners with an expert understanding of the market’s various aspects.

In addition, the podcast also looks at the economic, political, and social ramifications of cryptocurrencies, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of this complex and ever-evolving space. Whether you’re a crypto investor, blockchain enthusiast, or simply crypto-curious, “Unchained” is a great resource for in-depth, insightful information about the world of cryptocurrencies. The first of the list of best crypto podcasts for me!

2.The Pomp Podcast

“The Pomp Podcast,” also known as “Off The Chain,” is a highly recognized podcast in the fields of finance, business, and especially cryptocurrency. It’s hosted by Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, a respected entrepreneur, investor, and author well-known in the crypto community for his insights and straightforward explanations of complex topics.

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Pompliano’s background in both the traditional finance sector and the decentralized finance (DeFi) world offers him a unique perspective on the intersection of these domains. This allows him to elucidate the complexities of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in a manner that’s accessible to a broad audience.

“The Pomp Podcast” often features long-form conversations with some of the brightest minds from various industries such as business, finance, and tech. Guests range from high-profile entrepreneurs and executives to leading experts in the crypto and blockchain space.

Throughout the course of these discussions, listeners can expect deep dives into a variety of topics including Bitcoin, blockchain technology, digital assets, investing, and the future of finance. Alongside these specific subjects, Pompliano frequently covers broader themes of economic trends, financial systems, and the technological advancements shaping our world.

What sets “The Pomp Podcast” apart is its blend of insightful, thoughtful dialogue with a down-to-earth approach, allowing listeners of all backgrounds to glean valuable knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto investor, a finance professional, or someone new to the world of digital assets, “The Pomp Podcast” serves as an educational and enlightening resource. The second of my list of best crypto podcasts!

3. What Bitcoin Did

“What Bitcoin Did” is a popular podcast in the cryptocurrency space, particularly focused on Bitcoin. It’s hosted by Peter McCormack, a crypto enthusiast, trader, and business owner, who decided to share his crypto journey and the knowledge he has gained with others.

The podcast revolves around insightful conversations with the most influential people within the Bitcoin ecosystem. These include developers, investors, academics, and activists who are heavily involved with the first and most famous cryptocurrency. Through these discussions, listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects and the underlying principles of Bitcoin.

McCormack and his guests explore a wide range of topics such as Bitcoin’s financial implications, its potential for disrupting traditional monetary systems, the technology that underpins it, and its broader societal and political ramifications. Additionally, they delve into intricate topics like Bitcoin mining, privacy, scalability, and regulation.

“What Bitcoin Did” is lauded for its ability to break down complex topics into more digestible terms, making it an excellent resource for both newcomers and seasoned individuals in the crypto space. The combination of McCormack’s relaxed interviewing style with his genuine curiosity makes for a podcast that is not only informative but also engaging and accessible.

Whether you’re an experienced Bitcoin investor, a developer, or a beginner interested in understanding the nuances of Bitcoin, tuning into “What Bitcoin Did” offers you a deep, multifaceted look into the world’s pioneering cryptocurrency.

4. Crypto 101

“Crypto 101” is a podcast designed as an accessible entry point for individuals new to the world of cryptocurrency. Its mission is to demystify the complex ideas and technologies in the crypto space, breaking them down into easy-to-understand language and concepts.

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Hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone, “Crypto 101” provides the basic knowledge and tools needed to understand and engage with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The hosts, alongside various industry experts, delve into a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Ethereum, to more advanced topics such as smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), and tokenomics.

In addition to the educational content, “Crypto 101” frequently features interviews with leading figures from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. These include entrepreneurs, developers, and investors, who share their insights, experiences, and predictions for the future of the digital economy.

“Crypto 101” distinguishes itself through its commitment to making the world of cryptocurrency approachable for all, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience. By focusing on straightforward explanations and real-world applications of these technologies, the podcast helps to bridge the gap between crypto enthusiasts and newcomers to the space. Whether you’re looking to make your first crypto investment, understand the technology behind your favorite coin, or simply learn more about this digital revolution, “Crypto 101” serves as a welcoming gateway to the fascinating world of cryptocurrency.

5. Epicenter

“Epicenter” is a pioneering podcast in the realm of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Started in 2013, it is one of the earliest podcasts to cover these topics and has since become a well-regarded resource for thoughtful, in-depth discussions about the technical, economic, and social implications of decentralization and cryptocurrencies.

Hosted by Sébastien Couture, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, and Friederike Ernst, “Epicenter” is known for its deep and nuanced conversations with some of the brightest minds in the blockchain and crypto space. Their guests include developers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and industry leaders who are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution.

The hosts of “Epicenter” take their time to explore the mechanics, philosophies, and potential future developments of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They discuss everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum to emerging altcoins and blockchain innovations. Beyond just crypto assets, they also delve into related subjects such as decentralized applications (dApps), distributed ledger technology (DLT), initial coin offerings (ICOs), and tokenomics.

“Epicenter” stands out for its comprehensive, analytical approach to understanding the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Whether it’s breaking down complex technological ideas or discussing the regulatory landscape of cryptocurrencies, the podcast serves as a reliable guide to navigating this rapidly evolving field. Whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast, crypto investor, or someone interested in the potential of these technologies, “Epicenter” provides a deeper understanding of the concepts and technologies that are shaping the future of finance and beyond.

6. The Money Movement with Jeremy Allaire

The Money Movement explores and chronicles the ideas and opportunities driving this new world of digital money.

The Money Movement is hosted by Circle co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Allaire. Our mission is to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value.

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