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Gaming Laptop vs. MacBook Pro: Which Is Better for Gamers?

Gaming laptops are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to enjoy their favorite games without compromising on performance and portability. Unlike traditional desktop computers, gaming laptops offer a design to deliver high-quality visuals and sound with powerful processing capabilities in a compact form factor that makes them easy to transport and use in different locations. And while they’re often more expensive than standard laptop computers, they offer a much better experience when it comes to playing demanding games. As far as gaming laptops versus Macbooks go, the choice can be difficult. On the one hand, Macbooks have become renowned for their sleek design, portability, and intuitive user interface. On the other hand, gaming computers excel in better graphics performance and more processing power for running modern games. So which one is right for you? Here are 9 reasons why gaming laptops seem to be better than Macbooks for gamers.

1) Higher Performance – One of the biggest advantages of laptops manufactured specifically for gaming is their superior performance compared to Macbooks. These devices come equipped with powerful processors and dedicated graphics cards that can handle complex calculations quickly and smoothly. This means games will run better with no slowdown or lag even at higher settings which isn’t always possible on a MacBook.

2) Easier Customization – Many gamers love to customize their systems with additional components such as extra RAM or larger storage drives. 

With a gaming laptop you can easily do this yourself without having to rely on external technicians or a service center like you would with a MacBook.

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3) Better Graphics Quality – Gaming computers also have integrated GPUs that not only give you faster frame rates but also provide high-fidelity visuals with greater detail and clarity as compared to integrated GPUs found in most MacBooks which tend to struggle when the settings are maxed out.

4) More Connectivity Options – Gaming notebooks often have more ports such as Ethernet, HDMI and DisplayPort which can be used to connect multiple peripherals at once. 

Let’s say you want to connect an external monitor for a larger display. Gaming computers are more flexible. Even if you can find the Mac OS picture in picture feature on Apple computers, it is not really the same. This makes it easier for users to game with friends or enjoy better media streaming compared to the limited selection of I/O ports provided by many Macbook models.

5) Cooler Design – Heat dissipation is one of the most important factors when it comes to computer hardware performance so many gamers opt for larger cases that allow for improved cooling systems which keeps your hardware running optimally over extended periods of time whereas most Macbooks have limited airflow due to their slim designs which could cause them to overheat during longer gaming sessions.

6) Longer Battery Life – Most gaming notebooks have large batteries that provide enough juice during long play sessions while some models even have dual batteries.

If one runs out during your session you can switch over without pausing your game like you do with many Macs that do not last very long when running graphics intensive applications or games due their smaller batteries compared to typical gaming notebooks.

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7) Greater Upgrade Potential – Unlike Macbooks where upgrading certain components is impossible without taking apart the entire device, many entry level notebook PCs allow users to upgrade aspects, such as RAM, storage drives or wireless adapters just by opening up an access panel instead of breaking the whole machine as is required by many Apple products making upgrades much simpler and less frustrating process overall.

8) Lower Prices – While there definitely are some pricey models available in both types of devices, you still get more value for money when buying a regular notebook PC these days since manufacturers typically include high-end hardware options at lower prices when compared against similar Apple products which tend cost several hundred dollars more since they carry premium brand recognition regardless of actual specs being offered by competing models from other manufacturers.

9) Better Software Support – Most gaming laptops come pre-installed with Windows 10 which provides the widest variety of compatible software including games, entertainment applications, productivity tools and support for popular APIs allowing for improved compatibility compared to Apple products that only run macOS which has a much smaller software library overall.


Purchasing a gaming laptop is an important decision as it affects both how you work and play on your device. For gamers, a dedicated laptop provides an excellent balance between laptop performance, hardware specs and price which makes them the preferred choice among video game fans.

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