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The Sandbox (SAND): My Metaverse Investment Case

A month ago, I bought a parcel in The Sandbox metaverse with the idea to advertise The Altcoin Oracle partners using in-game experiences. It is located on a digital map at the location (-130, -176) beside one of the Binance estates:

Back then, the floor price was chilling at 2.6 ETH but it keeps going up everyday and I believe this is just the beginning. In this article I will explain why I’ve made that choice and why I think it will be a rewarding investment on the long run.

Ledger Wallet

1. What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox blockchain platform consists of three integrated products allowing the user to build, own and play on a digital map:

Voxel Editor: to build your 3D models.

Marketplace: to trade lands and items.

Game Maker: to build your own games using all of the above.

Now, my experience with it.

Because there is no MAC client yet (annoying), I had to emulate it on a windows 10 virtual machine. Proof:

And this was running fluently. I’ve been able to create a very basic mini-game as a test. It’s a good sign for the native client that will surely be performant enough.

2. The types of lands in the Sandbox

There are 2 types of lands available on the marketplace: premium and regular.

Premium parcels (in green) usually located in area with a lot of people/traffic, around big estates:

I bought a premium one in the bottom left corner. This was relatively cheaper for a premium, it’s not in the middle but still interesting as it is close to 3 big Binance estates. It’s hard to really guess what’s a “good” location as all of this is very new. Time will tell if this was a good idea.

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Regular parcels (all the others): they’re usually cheaper but not always as you can have regular lands relatively close to multiple massive estates with good traffic.

3. Buy Sandbox lands as an investment: 2 strategies

Do your own research on the location before buying. Super important. I’ve been personally applying 2 strategies to finally purchase a parcel:

-Strategy 1: Wait for a premium parcel to come on sale close to the floor price.

I kept refreshing Opensea to find a premium land that was in the first page when ranked by ascending prices. That’s a good way to find an opportunity: it means you would get a top land for a relatively cheap price.

-Strategy 2: Wait for a regular parcel to come on sale with a location in the middle of the map

Another strategy I might use in the future is to try to find a parcel close to the floor price but in the middle of the map or not too far from a major big estate like Snoop Dog’s.

4. Opinion on the investment: 2 reasons to be bullish

Why am I bullish on the long run?

First, the list of companies purchasing on the Sandbox is never-ending. It will trigger a need for the others to dive in:

Second, the lands available are scarce, with the same demand as Bitcoin incoming. There are 166k parcels. ALL the companies in the world will want a Metaverse exposure and the Sandbox is one of the two winners at the moment. Do you know how many companies there are in the world ?

I know. I’ve asked Google:

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166k parcels on the top Metaverse project.

213 million companies in the world.

Wink wink wink.

5. Conclusion

I’m super bullish on this metaverse project. The scarcity, the demand, the VCs backing the project, the ease of use of their game creation tools: all of this is green light to me. The only potential concern is that the architecture is quite centralized with the company owning the servers. To me, it’s a detail but I would understand that some investors could be concerned by that.

Let me know what you think,

Until then… Take care, Clem

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.

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