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3 High Potential Crypto Gems: SUKU, EOS and AKRO

Today, I’m presenting 3 crypto gems that (I think) are undervalued and under the radar. Like all small-cap altcoins, they are high-risk-very-high-reward and you might want to play them or… not. However I believe in their potential and their fundamentals.

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1. Suku ($SUKU): a platform for brands

Suku is a project to leverage brands in the metaverse using web3 technologies. This will become huge. Every brand on earth wants some kind of visibility in the digital metaverse world. Suku has 3 modules:

InfiniteWorld, to advertise products in the Metaverse:

Suku Omni, data-driven story telling for brands:

Suku DEFI, a micro-lending platform based on the Suku blockchain and token:

The market cap is 24 million USD, tokens are quite centralized but active addresses are on the rise:

The price is at a low point with volumes maintaining themselves:

I am bullish on the token because each of the 3 aspects has huge potential markets to tap into. The price is also interesting with a good technical entry point. The adoption seems strong based on the number of wallets being opened but also with the good trading volumes still playing along.

2. EOS ($EOS): an impressive play-2-earn machine

EOS is a play-2-earn platform with massive traction, in the same category as The Sandbox. The gaming category on EOS grew 22% just last month and look at the number of players:

343k players on Upland this month! When I see these numbers, my wallet starts to get excited.

The token is now at a very low price, but also lower trading volumes:

I believe it’s an interesting entry point in term of pricing and there is sufficient adoption to be a good pick. The gaming industry will become so huge and EOS will be in the right position to absorb some of the growth.

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3. Akropolis ($AKRO): a cross-chain DeFi platform

Akropolis is a simple but efficient DeFi platform to stake and earn with yields on steroids. There is also a willingness to be cross-chain which is a great long-term idea. The platform is nice and slick:

The token allocation is a green light for me with a suggestion to allocate 60% to incentives:

The price is also at an entry point for me, like the 2 others:

AKRO is an interesting pick as a nice, simple and efficient DeFi token with a cross-chain vision. The tockenomics seem to be done right and this is a good sign for the future.

4. Conclusion

3 crypto gems in my opinion! $SUKU, $EOS and $AKRO are now cheap and all of them have a functional product that is used. I’ve looked at what I like in each project giving me some reasons to invest: the use cases, the on-chain data and the token allocations.

Let me know what you think.

Until then… Take care.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.

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