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3 Crypto Gems Under The Radar: MASK, ODIN, GREEN

Today, I’m sharing 3 crypto gems that I like with a bit of fundamental analysis and a bit of technical analysis, like I did here.

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1. MASK: the open internet network

Mask is a project working to transform the web 2.0 into an “open web” version of it (web3) giving back the control to the user:

It comes with a plugin that you can use in your browser that acts like a mask to enjoy the web with a “web3 filter”.

The number of applications is quite impressive, like encryption of web 2.0 data to share the way you like:

But also a Twitter connector to set your NFTs as avatar:

Or the ability to set up your web3 profile based on the aggregation of your web3 activity:

It’s possible to swap coins within the plugin. They also work with Filecoin (decentralized file system) and the list of partners is already big for a small cap:

The reason why I’m talking about MASK is because the price is at a 4-month low with an ATH at 4.5 times current price:

It’s also worth noting that the volumes are maintaining themselves at a higher level than 2021.

The market cap is chilling at 278 million USD which is slightly low for a live project with data aggregation, swapping capabilities, and already functional connectors.

2. ODIN: A data oracle network

Odin is a project bringing off-chain data on chain (“oracle”).

Multiple use cases are presented on their website:

The roadmap is the following, with the main focus around “user flows” (bringing users data on chain):

Because the testnet/mainnet are not live yet, this is a high-risk high-reward investment but the ultimate goal to bring real-world data on the blockchain is music to my ears.

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ODIN is, like all the altcoins I cover, low price (I basically like them red on the 1 year chart) with still a good enough trading volume for the market cap:

We’re dealing here with a very small cap creating, I believe, an opportunity:

3. GREEN: a cryptocurrency powered by solar energy

The GreenAir ecosystem (GREEN token) wants to clean the crypto world with environmentally friendly transactions using solar energy to power miners.

Better than a thousand words:


The idea of enforcing clean mining through the hardware is interesting, that’s why the token got my attention.

The price is low (and at a resistance level), the volume is on the rise:

The market cap is also very tiny making it an extremely risky bet with fantastic upside potential:

4. Conclusion

The selection of tokens for this article was supposed to be original: a protocol to transform web2 into web3, an oracle blockchain to stream real-time data on chain and a green environmentally friendly protocol using solar energy for mining.

I’m risking a bit of money on them. Will you?

Let me know what you think. Until then… Take care.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.

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