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Pavia (PAVIA): The First Cardano Virtual World

Welcome on this article about the first Cardano virtual world: Pavia. An intro I like, from the website itself: “In September 1501 Pavia Italy was the birthplace of Gerolamo (Jerome) Cardano, whom the Cardano blockchain project was named after. 2021 sees the launch of Pavia.io which is a metaverse being built on Cardano. It seems fitting to name our virtual world Pavia.”

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1. What is Pavia?

Pavia is a decentralized gaming metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain. Based on what the development team says, it is very important to explain that this metaverse project is in its infancy, these are the very early stages of development. They add that this digital world will only succeed with the love and support of the Cardano community.

2. Pavia with data

The project, so far, contains at least 100,000 “land parcels”, each is a unique Cardano virtual world NFT.

I’ve played a bit with the map navigator and it’s fair to say that it’s way less mature than Decentraland or The Sandbox (that I analyse here):

Pavia has 8,300 land owners. Each land parcel can be located based on coordinates within Pavia.io. More than 60% of the “land parcels” were pre-sold in October and November 2021.

Now for avatars… Well, the avatar creation is functional, fluid and fun:

And for the tockenomics, 2 billion $PAVIA tokens got minted last December with a good allocation mix for founders, play-2-earn rewards, community airdrop and utilities:

And it’s a bit too early to analyze anything price related… There is no data out there!

3. Pavia roadmap

The roadmap is 2021-2022 and is still ongoing:

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The Important milestones are:

– On-plaftorm assets deployment Q1 2022 – First in-game experience/test/feedback Q2 2022
– First live event on the central place of the map Q3 2022

3. Invest in Pavia? Yes, but.

I am currently not investing because I’m in the UK and:

“Due to regulatory uncertainty buyers from the USA and UK were excluded from these land sales. Please refer to our Legal Notice for more information.”


However, I will consider Pavia whenever possible if one of these 2 events happen:

The floor price for lands on the marketplace falls below The Sandbox and Decentraland floor prices. I’m a Cardano believer but the adoption is not there yet for early projects like this one. If the price of lands is at a significant discount in comparison (say 50% the price of Ethereum-based metaverses) on the marketplace: I’m in.

A couple of companies buy Pavia lands. This has been my trigger for The Sandbox and is a good criteria to have as this means general adoption. It’s also a proof that the platform is mature enough to be interesting for corporations.

See you soon, on Pavia’s marketplace.
Take care,

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