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WMT Is Working On A New Cardano Sidechain

WMT, an impressive telecommunication project on Cardano, is working on a Cardano sidechain integrating the Cosmos SDK to comply with the telco regulation.

Micky Watson, the CEO shared:

“Through this technology initiative, the shared goal is to bridge a permissioned solution built on Cosmos’ SDK with Cardano’s public mainnet. This introduces new possibilities for interoperability between the Cosmos and Cardano ecosystems.”

This is a powerful idea pushing the Cardano Ecosystem even further, a step forward for the interoperability between Cardano and Cosmos:

“A Cardano sidechain can implement many different consensus algorithms, ledger rules, execution environments, user facing APIs, and much more.“

I’ve also asked chatGPT about it: “Do you think World Mobile Token could be implemented successfully using cosmos technology on Cardano?”


“Implementing World Mobile Token (WMT) on the Cardano blockchain using Cosmos technology is a potential solution that could bring benefits to the WMT project. However, whether it will be a successful implementation depends on a number of factors.

First and foremost, the technical feasibility of the integration must be evaluated. The Cardano blockchain, as well as the Cosmos technology, must be capable of supporting the functionalities required by WMT. The technology must be robust, secure, scalable, and efficient to ensure that the WMT can perform optimally.

Additionally, the market demand for WMT must be considered. The target market must have a need for the services that WMT provides, and the adoption of the token must be high enough to support its growth and stability.

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Regulatory compliance is also an important factor that must be taken into consideration. Different countries have different regulations and laws surrounding the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.”

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