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3 Cryptos With Potential: WABI, KASTA, UNO

Today, I’m sharing 3 cryptos that I like. I’m trying to keep a data-driven approach (like I did in my previous article) looking at partnerships, market cap, number of active addresses, price and volumes.

Ledger Wallet

1. A crypto token for users and brands

WABI is a very original project to allow users to submit feedbacks to brands and earn rewards with it in cryptos that can be re-used to purchase products:

Wabi has partnered with big corporations so far:

And the Wabi marketplace is already available in China, the biggest consumer market in the world:

The WABI token has a very small market cap of 15 million USD, low transaction volumes but also low price:

However the number of wallets seems to still be on the rise:

It’s a setup I like for cryptos (low market cap, decreasing price, increasing number of wallet addresses) and that’s why I’ve selected this token for this article.

2. KASTA: a fintech company for cryptos

The bet of Kasta is nothing more than instant crypto transactions with no fees, boom:

It comes with a bunch of nice features making it look like a neo-bank for cryptos on steroids. You can use it with a group of friends:

Or use a credit card with it, or even the very trendy “buy now pay later”… with cryptos!

WABI has a low price and low volume but with a recent technical breakout that can be a good sign:

Also the coin is very young but has past the “hype bubble” price surge of the launch, a very dangerous zone for cryptos: now the risk is reasonable hence the selection of this token for this article.

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3. UNO: a risk-trading platform for the reinsurance industry

UnoRe ($UNO) is the last one of my list but also the one I find the most impressive. It’s a reinsurance risk-trading platform based on Polkadot:

It’s quite technical for someone like me who doesn’t know the field but to keep it simple: it’s a platform for traders to trade risk through the insurance/reinsurance industry and investors can benefit from it by holding the token and staking it.

2022 comes with a roadmap to allow people to build their own platform based on it:

The price is also low for this gem, like most cryptos at the moment:

With active addresses on the rise:

And a low market cap of 13 million USD.

4. Conclusion

The selection of cryptos for this article is “low prices low volumes active addresses on the rise” which, to me, screams “potential”. For the 3 tokens, the use cases look fairly real with pretty big markets to conquer.

Let me know what you think of these cryptos, Until then… Take care.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.

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