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An Exchange Aggregator: DEPO Gathers All Cryptos

Let’s face it, finding the right exchange to buy the right token is not always that simple. Exchanges are listing and delisting different projects quite actively making the hunt for a given token a challenge. DePo solves that problem with an original exchange aggregator.

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1. What is DePo?

The DePo platform is solving crypto’s fragmentation problems by building the world’s first investment-grade, decentralized, true multi-market aggregator. DePo will make all of crypto available in one place with an intuitive interface.

DePo launched very recently, in September 2021 with big plans focusing on usability, security and control:

An Alpha version is already out with a very slick interface allowing you to swap tokens:

DePo also currently provides staking capabilities on DEPO, WBTC, USDT, USDC, or WETH/DEPO tokens. This allows users to generate passive income with future goal to create multiple streams for investors by returning 50% of the platform revenue back to token holders, without any staking required, which really is huge.

2. Partnerships

Depo is working with a myriad of partners, connecting with a large ecosystem:

3. Tokenomics and roadmap of DePo

The DePo token ($DEPO) is a capped ERC20 token with a balanced allocation:

Moreover, the roadmap for 2022 is exciting:

An NFT dashboard is coming with a beta release and a Chrome extension. Also, interesting features like copy trading and portfolio management are also on their way for Q2 2022.

4. Conclusion

DePo delivered a promising exchange aggregator, one that I have been personally waiting since DeFi became a thing. I love the possibility to access any token from a single place while offering DeFi capabilities for passive income like staking and farming (like the one I’ve described here for Avalanche).

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Feel free to play with the alpha version and tell me what you think.

Until then…Take care.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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