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Best Crypto Newsletters: My Top 10

Crypto newsletters are great tools to get relevant information about the market and invest wisely. I find them very convenient to get plenty of charts and news from various sources in a passive way. Spending hours and hours scrolling social medias and google results to get the latest investment content is not fun. Well, with newsletters, you can get this diversity straight to your inbox. I like to subscribe to multiple newsletters because they usually cover different information: some of them are more about the news, some of them are more about chart analysis and some others are all about on-chain statistics. And you surely want to capture all of that and from different sources! Most authors also have different opinions about altcoins for example, and subscribing to multiple newsletters to have a balanced view of the market is a good idea. Now, what are the best crypto newsletters?

1. The Altcoin Oracle

The Altcoin Oracle Newsletter

First of the list: The Altcoin Oracle. Not biased at all! This is a monthly newsletter with crypto market analysis, macroeconomic views and on-chain analysis. I’m trying to come up with a monthly summary of the situation for the crypto market and give investment hints without recommendations like in this article about the Cardano investment case. The newsletter is not just a bunch of news but usually exposes a precise point of view backed with a lot of data and indicators coming from traders, investors or hedge fund managers. In fact, I’m trying to avoid opinions and back every single statement with a chart coming from the macroeconomic world or from the crypto on-chain metrics. In my view, this is OBVIOUSLY the best of all the crypto newsletters.

2. CoinDesk

Coindesk Newsletters

The Coindesk website has a myriad of daily or weekly newsletters like The Node, State of Crypto or First Mover. I like the diversity of the topics that Coindesk is trying to grasp. The focus on various digital assets as well as the depth of coverage make of this newsletter a very good choice. They divided the newsletters in different themes so you can cherrypick and subscribe only to the themes you’re actually interested in. I really like that flexibility to subscribe/unsubscribe depending on my tastes at a given moment in time.

3. Glassnode

Glassnode Newsletter

The third newsletter of the list is the one from Glassnode. It is a great newsletter focusing on on-chain analysis. I like how data-driven it is, that’s why it is that high in the ranking. The different issues are using indicators coming straight from the Glassnode platform and give great insights to invest your money. They help you to see clear with various classic metrics like the number of addresses, miners statistics, distribution of wallets and plenty of others that you can discover on their website or in their newsletter.

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4. Bloomberg

Bloomberg Newsletter

One of the most famous website in finance is Bloomberg. Bloomberg offers a crypto investment newsletter. It’s a mix of news, fundamental analysis but also technical analysis and on-chain analysis. This is a very good choice if you want a well-balanced newsletter but still with a focus on investment. The newsletter is particularly good in term of quality and quantity with a very professional format. Bloomberg is a big name in the world of investing and it’s not a surprise to see that this newsletter is at the level of what you would expect from them.

5.  Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap Newsletter

The newsletter of Coinmarketcap is probably the largest out there with more than one million subscribers. It’s a daily newsletter (Monday to Friday) with insights on the crypto market. The format is quite light and more focusing on the news and a bit of analysis for investors. Coinmarketcap became a reference over the years to follow portfolio and crypto prices. The newsletter is the same: a great collection of news and studies.

6.  The Block

The Block Newsletter

The sixth newsletter is the one from The Bock. It is a newsletter focusing on digital assets in general. It is a bit broader than the other newsletters as it includes the “fintech” aspect of the economy. There is also a part about NFTs and metaverse projects. It covers a large spectrum of topic and it is for free: it’s a good reason to give it a try as it’s very easy to subscribe and unsubscribe if you think it is not for you. I’ve subscribed to it last month and I’m really enjoying what I read so far… You should do the same!

7. The Wolf Den Crypto Newsletter

The Wolf Den Crypto Newsletter

Here comes one I really like. The Wolf Den Crypto Newsletter is a newsletter from Scott Melker. Scott Melker is famous in the world of investing. He hosts a podcast focusing on finance called “The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast”. The newsletter is going through crypto charts but also gives an overview about more classic assets like commodities and stocks. The author is very experimented and gives very good hints. I’ve subscribed to Scott’s newsletter as soon as I’ve discovered it earlier this year.

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8. Cryptoweekly

Cryptoweekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter of Coinweekly is a mix of macroeconomy, crypto assets analysis and news. There is a selection of the main events of the week regarding the main coins but also a selection of technical charts showing patterns. It comes with a selection of videos talking about digital assets and revealing hints and news about the market. I like the diversity of formats (videos, charts and articles) allowing the reader to find more things that could match his interest. How about giving it a go and letting me know how it went?

9. Coinmetrics

Coinmetrics Newsletter

I love the Coinmetrics newsletter because it really is very data-driven. The type of weekly report you will get is looking at statistics of on-chain use and also provides really helpful hints. I like the detailed reports about Ethereum fees, Bitcoin mining and network activity metrics giving you an edge to make your own decisions. I personally like these types of formats because they’re very dense in term of information and I’m a bit less about the news noise/story telling about assets. In fact, I was tempted to put this one at the top of the ranking but I know that most people are after a bit less after charts and a bit more after words. Feel free to subscribe and update me with your opinion on Twitter.

10. Rekt Capital

Rekt Capital Newsletter

Every 2 days, Rekt Capital sends a newsletter, mostly about altcoins and it is really good. It has a watchlist of promising altcoins and technical analysis charts for each of them. The newsletters are dense and short but give a good overview of overvaluations and undervaluations for the different digital assets with a promising future. I really like the format of the newsletter because it’s very simple and goes straight to the point. It gives you an overview of the entire altcoin market in 10 seconds with very visual charts. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading my selection of best crypto newsletters.
n.b: this is not financial advice

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