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Best Ergo Wallets

We already wrote a lot about Ergo in the past: the best Ergo projects, a presentation of a smart mining platform or even about an NFT marketplace. However, what about the best Ergo wallets? Well, what we like about the Ergo ecosystem is the diversity of options available for everything and it’s the same for wallets. In fact, in terms of wallets, it’s crazy to see how large the spectrum of options is for a small altcoin! For example, you can find very small wallets with a GitHub page only or very well integrated ones perfectly functional on mobile and web browsers. In my view, it says something about the ecosystem: a community of adventurers with products of different level of maturity, alway eager to build and improve.

1. Ergo Wallet

Ergo Mobile Wallet

The Ergo wallet is mainly an Android-based wallet app. It’s simple and intuitive: in one word it’s the fastest solution to deal with Ergo on your phone. Additionally, Ergo Wallet is working on an IoS version of its app that you can use with the tutorial here. The best thing you can do to convince yourself that the wallet is just doing the job is to look at the reviews. In fact, they never lie. So why this wallet is in first position? Well, I just like when things just work out of the box on a phone without worrying about anything. In short, if you like your wallet easy, installed on your phone and without having to worry about security: give it a go, it won’t disappoint.

2. Nautilus Wallet

Nautilus Wallet

The Nautilus Wallet is the first wallet I’ve used when I joined the Ergo ecosystem. In fact, it was one of my favourite experience with wallets: easy to setup, easy to send, easy to receive and a good connectivity with Ergo platforms.
In brief, it is a personal data wallet that uses confidential computing technology to give users the ability to hold a variety of digital assets without needing to own a smartphone and without the loss of control and ownership associated with traditional custodial wallets. It is a hybrid wallet that allows users to manage private keys for multiple cryptocurrencies and digital assets like dual currency, crypto-tokens, and consumer rewards points on their desktop computer or their mobile device. Nautilus is one of the best Ergo wallets out there!

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3. Satergo Wallet

Stereo Wallet

Satergo Wallet is a secure desktop wallet for Ergo. What is the big deal with it? Well, it’s just the only wallet running a full node on your laptop! Just like Daedalus does with Cardano, you will end up having a level of security impossible to match on other wallets. This wallet includes embedded node functionality and includes multi-signatures whereby you can give others the ability to approve a transaction or transaction amount before it’s sent. Lastly, the magic with Satergo is that it’s still very light and simple to use despite everything it does.

4. Minotaur Wallet

Minotaur Wallet

The Minotaur Wallet can be installed on your laptop and handle your Ergo transactions. Why Minautor, are you asking? Well, in fact, you can see by yourself: they’ve listed all the features on their Github. What a list! You can hold and display NFTs, there is a support or Ergopay and also install it on any OS (linux, windows, Mac OS). I also like the fact that it’s open source. In fact, I genuinely had a good moment looking at their code and how things are done in there. There is also a good compatibility with cold wallet devices making it a safe choice to hold your Ergo forever. Give it a try!

5. SAFEW Wallet

SAFEW Wallet

The SAFEW (Simple and Fast Ergo Wallet) wallet is a web extension wallet. It’s a web extension and it looks a bit dry but believe me it’s beautiful inside! It’s bringing to the table various features from ErgoPay to compatibility with DEXes and multi-signature. Soon, it will be possible to integrate it with Ledger. Yes, THE Ledger wallet. The strength of that wallet is also the native security. The ErgoPay feature is great and while you’re using it, you sign your transaction from another device. The best is to have a look at this tutorial for all the details regarding SAFEW wallet.

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6. Terminus Wallet

Terminus Wallet

The Terminus wallet is a wallet with a very minimalistic approach that you can fin in the Apple Store. The strength of this wallet is that it’s extremely light. So if you’re on a trip to Mars or going to your grandmother’s for the weekend with only a raspberryPi: I got you covered. That being said, Terminus achieves quite a lot while being simple and light. There is a good connectivity to Dapps and an Ergopay support while also dealing with read-only wallets. The design is simple and straight to the point. Give it a try and let us know what you think of that wallet with low carbon footprint!

Thanks for reading my selection of the best ERGO wallets.
n.b: this is not financial advice

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