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My Top 5 Resources To Invest In Crypto

What are the best resources to invest in crypto? Just like I did with data exchanges, I’ve prepared a selection of 5 YouTube channels that I visit everyday. They help me to build an opinion on coins and sometimes discover new angles of analysis.

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1. Coinbureau

Firstly, Coinbureau. This is my favorite fundamental analysis crypto channel on YouTube. The content is clear, detailed and balanced. In particular, I like the fact that there is no recommendation and that Guy is mostly informative, leaving a lot of room to make your own decisions. In my opinion, this is very important when considering resources to invest in crypto.

2. Into The Cryptoverse

Then, “Into The Cryptoverse” is my favorite technical analysis crypto content on YouTube. Ben is talking about macro cycles based on price charts. Specifically, I like the fact that this is long-term technical analysis based on statistics and regression bands. For example, it gives a clear framework to spot buying and selling points.

3. Altcoin Daily

“Altcoin Daily” is a great source of information for altcoins in general. Indeed, videos are regular and go through all the news. I like the diversity of topics and coins discussed as well as the depth of analysis presented in the different videos.
As a consequence, “Altcoin Daily” became one of my top 3 crypto channels.

4. Real Vision

The media of Raoul Pal is absolutely amazing. I enjoy it because of Raoul’s deep knowledge of markets (ex head of equities at Goldman Sachs). He his using his understanding of macro investing to give some hints about the crypto markets. I consider his opinion on the world economy as very valuable, that’s why I’m following his channel very closely.

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5. Blockware Intelligence

Last but not least, Bockware Intelligence contains videos of the best on-chain analysts out there, like Will Clemente. It’s an absolute must-watch for Bitcoin investors. Moreover, the general principles explained in the videos also apply to altcoins.
I like to watch this channel to understand big whale movements on exchanges and take decisions based on on-chain metrics.

That’s it for today!
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Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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