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Time Travel With Ternoa’s Data Transmission $CAPS

You want full control on your digital content and… You’re right. You want to decide when your data will be released and who will be able to access it. I have good news. That’s exactly the value proposition of Ternoa and its token CAPS on the Polkadot blockchain tackling the problem of data transmission.

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1. What is Ternoa?

Ternoa is a Polkadot-based project that aims to “augment” NFTs:

This actually means to attach access rights or transmission date to someone else in the future:

In a world where everything will become digitalized, you will want to transfer ownership of your cryptoassets to your children:

This is what Ternoa wants to achieve: allow people to have full control on their digital assets and content at any point in time.

2. How does it work?

Ternoa is actually 5 protocols: Safe, Consent, Countdown, Death and D-Day.

“Safe” stores your data, “Consent” deals with access rights, “Countdown” is pre-programming a set of instructions for a given time, “Death” is connecting to death registries to activate a sequence of instructions when someone dies and finally “D-day” is in charge of setting hardcoded dates by the users to release content.

They interact with one another in a graceful way:

An example of Alice giving its NFT to Bob in the future:

In term of roadmap, Ternoa is about to release its Mainnet:

Yes, we’re getting close to the big release day.

3. CAPS token as an investment

The CAPS token is at an all time low since release last year:

There are very few wallets opened, however they are on the rise:

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The market cap at 20 million USD is really interesting if you’re looking for a bold bet:

Also, the tockenomicks seems very well balanced:

4. Conclusion

I’m not going to lie, I’m VERY excited about Ternoa and its token CAPS. I’m about to invest a small part of my portfolio in it (just like I did for FET) for all the reasons given above: balanced tockenomics, small market cap, all-time low price offering a good entry point and mainnet about to be released. As a software engineer, I also love to see a “domain-driven” approach for the different protocols with responsibility clearly decoupled offering great resilience for data transmission. For all of the above: YES, I’m in.

Let me know what you think.
Until then… Take care.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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