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Stratos (STOS): A Decentralized Data Mesh

The future is about data and, if you want my opinion, not in a centralized way. Stratos understood it and developed the first “decentralized data mesh” architecture for scalable, reliable, autonomous storage, databases and computations. What does this all mean? Let’s analyze what seems to be a framework for the future of autonomous networks.

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1. What is Stratos?

Stratos combines various themes (I like when projects are building solutions for different domains like VRA):

  • Storage: to store your data in a self-balanced way outside of big tech companies
  • Database: to handle your database powering your tech projects with no single point of failure
  • Computing: low latency computing capabilities powered by Trusted Executed Environment (TEE)
  • Blockchain: A value network based on the STOS token

Essentially, the “data mesh” is wrapping all the above. It’s resilient and auto-balanced with auto-cleanups:

Stratos Features

You can think of it as a decentralized cloud provider like AWS. I’m sure you see the difference. One sounds like 2022 the other one sounds like 2035.

The list of investors is diverse and that’s good when a project is backed by so many quality VCs:

Stratos Investors

Then, I also really liked their whitepaper. It details how the architecture works:

Stratos Data Mesh

Essentially, it’s about 3 layers for blockchain, services (“computation”) and resources (“storage”) communicating with one another…

Stratos 3 Layers

… Through a consensus mechanism which is the foundation of the project (the Stratos platform):

Consensus Layers

2. The roadmap and the team

The roadmap is quite convincing with code auditing and different steps by theme (incentives, computation, database):

Stratos Roadmap

Also, the team is very impressive. The founder has 20 years of experience in development and a successful former venture and the CTO is a system expert with 15 years of experience:

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I analyze a lot of projects and I love how this one is crystal clear from the team to the roadmap. There is very little “hype” which is positive for a long term investment.

Finally, that feeling of transparency is also confirmed by a very well maintained blog:

3. Stratos as an investment

The STOS token is very affordable right now. It looks like an accumulation zone to me as the project is really getting started and already got its speculative bubble, de-risking the entry point a bit:

STOS price

Stratos has a 19 million USD market capitalization: very high risk, very high reward.

The circulating supply will inflate in the next years, at the moment only 20% of the total supply:

It would have been concerning but after looking at the tockenomics, it feels better:

Only 14% of the supply for the team and the rest dedicated to the project. It makes it a quite decentralized stable investment in the long run, assuming the vesting period goes smoothly.

5. Conclusion

I really wanted to write an article about Stratos because I am excited about their decentralized data mesh project. The market cap (with very high potential return), the transparency, the tockenomics, the experience of the team are all green lights to me and I will be investing in this project with a long term mindset. It is very fair to say that this is the “high risk” part of my portfolio because the project is young and small but… what a potential.

One number before saying goodbye: the market capitalization of cloud computing by 2026 will be 1 trillion USD. The market cap of Stratos: 19 million USD. Wink wink.

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Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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