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Saitama Crypto

What is Saitama Crypto (SAI)?

With virtual currencies becoming more mainstream, various altcoins are emerging daily. One famous meme coin that utilizes Ethereum’s blockchain is Saitama Crypto (SAITAMA). Although it makes bold claims, the main reason behind its price appreciation is mostly due to the enthusiasm surrounding meme coins on social sites.
Despite being a few months old, SAITAMA has accomplished a lot in terms of community building and popularity. This article provides background information on the alternative currency before delving deeply into its details. Then, you will also get to know the answer to whether to invest in it or not.

1. An Overview of Saitama Inu

Saitama Inu is a decentralized network that encourages the young generation to create wealth creation opportunities and educates them about the significance of investing. The inventor of this platform has built a straightforward crypto ecosystem to promote crypto awareness among young people while guaranteeing its accessibility to older generations.

The Saitama Inu project is not only confined to investment; in fact, it also aims to develop in-house entertainment, an NFT-based launchpad, and SaitaMask (the project’s wallet). Saitama Inu wants to give customers the resources they want to be successful in the bitcoin industry. This platform is positioned to positively influence the crypto community thanks to its emphasis on empowerment and education.

2. Saitama Ecosystem

The Saitama ecosystem is constantly expanding; thus, it regularly includes new features and services. The Saitama team commits to building a world-class project that provides its users with a complete suite of tools and services. It is working on improving its ecosystem for the betterment of its traders. The Saitama project ecosystem consists of the following:

Saitama Crypto (SAI)

The SAI token is the native token of the Saitama project. There are several purposes of this token; first, it powers the Saitama ecosystem; second, for payment of transaction fees; and third, in staking and governance.

Saitama Chain

The Saitama Chain is the blockchain that powers the Saitama ecosystem. It is a high-performance, scalable blockchain that can support many transactions per second.

SaitaMask Wallet

The SaitaMask is the official wallet of the Saitama project. It is a secure and user-friendly wallet that allows users to store, send, and receive SAI tokens.

SaitaMask wallet to store coins
SaitaMask Wallet

Saitama Explorer

The Saitama Explorer is a block explorer for the Saitama Chain. It allows users to view information about the Saitama ecosystem, such as the latest transactions and the current state of the blockchain.

Saitama DEX

The Saitama chain powers Saitama DEX, which is a decentralized exchange. It allows users to trade SAI tokens and other assets in a secure and decentralized manner.

Saitama Maker

The SaitaMaker NFT-based “launchpad platform” allows users to create and trade NFTs. The SaitaMarket Marketplace is where users can buy and sell goods and services using INU tokens.

Saitama Studio

Lastly, Saitama Studios is a content creation hub that produces high-quality video and audio content for traders to enjoy. These features combine to create an ecosystem designed to help traders succeed.

3. What is Saitama Crypto?

The Saitama token, an ERC-20 token, was developed to gather money to create the Saitama smart contract platform. The Saitama token is the platform’s native cryptocurrency, which is utilized to cover network transaction costs. In June 2022, the Saitama token contract was upgraded to enhance performance and security. There are currently 45 billion Saitama tokens in circulation after 55% of the total supply has been burnt.

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Saitama in circulation
Saitama in Circulation

Until June 2024, the leftover tokens are locked in a liquidity pool for two years. The Saitama platform is a decentralized and scalable smart contract platform that widely supports a variety of use cases. A team of experienced blockchain developers develops the platform. Moreover, it is backed by several well-known investors in the cryptocurrency space.

4. Saitama Crypto Price Prediction

Due to a lack of supply following the token upgrade, the price of Saitama Inu has surged dramatically. For its V1 token, the all-time high (ATH) price was $0.0000002777; for its V2 token, it was $0.007825. However, due to the bearish cryptocurrency market conditions, its price has fallen to about $0.003. Having said that, its route map offers distinctive characteristics that the next generation will find appealing.

Saitama Crypto showing its V2 USD chart
Saitama V2 USD Chart

According to some experts, Saitama Inu’s price will rise following the token upgrade because a token’s demand rises due to limited supply. Saitama Inu’s cutting-edge capabilities will undoubtedly appeal to consumers of the next generation, which could lead to a price increase. Only time will tell how accurate this prognosis turns out.

5. Where to Buy Saitama Crypto?

You can purchase Saitama crypto on both centralized and decentralized markets. It is accessible in most of the world because it is listed on numerous exchanges.

Exchanges to buy Saitama

The first decentralized exchange designed just for Saitama is SaitaSwap. It enables you to buy Saitama confidently because you know that your transactions are carried out on the Ethereum blockchain. There is no minimum purchase requirement, and you can use any wallet that supports ERC-20 to store Saitama.


The goal of Saitama’s distribution strategy is to raise interest in and promote acceptance of Saitama. The more people that use and hold Saitama, the more demand there will be for Saitama, driving up the price.

6. Saitama Crypto As An Investment

It is still too early to say whether or not the token can move away from the world of meme coins. This is because the crypto market as a whole is volatile and unpredictable. Additionally, even cryptocurrencies with huge market-cap are at risk in the existing bear markets.

Thus, as an investor, you should prepare yourself to bear losses. Therefore, never purchase more than you can afford to lose. However, if the Saitama token does succeed in moving away from the meme coin world, it could prove to be a very lucrative investment. Only time will tell. There are several approaches that you can use to build your crypto portfolio.

Only you can decide whether or not to invest in the Saitama token. However, we believe that Saitama is a strong project with great potential. The team behind Saitama comprises professionals with solid backgrounds in different areas. Thanks to the team’s hard work, Saitama has grown into a multi-market, global business.

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In November 2021, during its all-time high, Saitama’s estimated market capitalization was over 7.5 Billion USD. Saitama was placed among the Top 40 projects at the time.

7. Saita Community

The Saitama community is not just one of the most active but also supportive communities in the cryptocurrency space. The community members are constantly working together to help grow the project and make it a success.

Saitama Crypto Community
Saitama Community

The Saitama team is always available to answer any community members’ questions. In addition, the team is constantly working on new features and improvements that will benefit the community. The Saitama community is a vital part of the project. Its members are the ones who will help make Saitama a success.

8. Testimonies

We also interviewed some amazing people from the community and they told us their truth about the project.

Haitham Qumbargi:

Any project that has utility and steady building in the bear market is a great project. Yes you may have people that have doubts about Saitama but the devs are active and steady developing an ecosystem that will make crypto easy for new comers.

Saitama Down Under:

We have 5 amazing devs all doxxed and all from various backgrounds adding a unique dynamic to Saitama Technology LLC. During this bear market our devs have not gone into hibernation but infact the complete opposite they are building. They are building a platform in which crypto can be seen as a safe place away from rug pulls and scams a place where we can educate individuals on crypto.

Saita Baconco:

Devs are working hard and day by day there are news and new contents like upgrade on SaitaPro, FANGart and EPayme. The community is more than 400k people and still growing. I think the real point of Saitama is the huge community and big potential to grow… lot of people are holding few saitama and waiting for the bull market.

9. Conclusion

To conclude, Saitama is a high-quality project with a lot of potential. It has a strong team, a solid roadmap, and a passionate community. The project has all the ingredients necessary for success. In fact, it is well on its way to becoming one of the leading projects in the cryptocurrency space.

10. FAQs

Is Saitama crypto a scam?

The project is still developing, but the team has released a detailed whitepaper. It also has secured an audit from security firm CertiK. At this stage, Saitama appears legitimate; however, as with any cryptocurrency, there is always some risk. The value of Saitama is relatively volatile. Therefore, using crypto portfolio trackers to keep an eye on your investments is important.

Do Binance and Coinbase support Saitama?

Currently, neither Coinbase nor Binance support Saitama; however, this may change in the future.

Thanks for reading.
n.b: this is not financial advice

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