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Curate (XCUR): An NFT Marketplace On Steroids

I like NFT marketplaces when they are done right: cross-chain, user-friendly, with a balanced tockenomics and enough transparency. I was delighted to find Curate, an NFT marketplace combining all of these features. No, I’m not here to tell you that NFTs are the future and that investing in the right platform is absolutely key. However, we’re still going to go through what I think could become an absolute star of the space in the upcoming years.

Ledger Wallet

1. What is Curate?

Curate is a gasless, cross-chain and good looking NFT market place that your mum could use. No, it’s not that common and this is why I’ve decided to write an article about it. It is based on a very well supported mobile app to trade digital art:

Curate App

Their XCUR token is powering the transactions through their app but not only:

Supported Tokens

Yes, you can swap all the tokens above for XCUR to purchase NFTs. And how does it compare to top players like Opensea?

Well, it’s very competitive:

Marketplace comparison

Yes, it is basically cheaper, easier, greener and supports most payment systems, all of this with staking capabilities.

2. How to use it?

I’ve installed the application and it comes with a wallet that allows you to buy and store tokens:

Tokens Purchase

You can then use these tokens to buy NFTs in the collection tab:

NFT Collections

The design is really slick and functional, I liked the NFT item view:

Item View

3. The team and the roadmap

The team is large, young and diverse: it gives an impression of stability, especially for an NFT marketplace. The Founder, President and Vice President have their names written on the website (not the case with all projects I analyze, usually you find JPEGs of animals):

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Then, it’s good to see that they’re not understaffed (it is unfortunately the case of most small NFT-related projects) with operation, marketing, branding roles and even a CTO:

Correlation Rolling Average

And It’s not finished! You can also find frontend, communication and support positions leading me to think that the project could be quite resilient as there is no real gap in term of skills:

The NFT marketplace roadmap is clear and transparent with a great level of detail from Binance integration to staking capabilities:

Again, this is not the usual level of transparency I usually see when I study NFT-related projects.

4. XCUR as an investment

XCUR meets an intense support at the current price zone. The volumes recently surged to drive a price action:

XCUR price

The market cap is very small (12 million USD): it’s a high risk high reward investment.

XCUR Market Capitalization

The tockenomics is good with a large part allocated to the public/holders:


However, it’s fair to say that it’s quite centralized at the moment:

The number of active addresses is also very volatile. All of the above makes it a highly speculative token for now.

5. Conclusion

I like Curate and its token XCUR (as well as the Oasis Protocol, in the same family). I think that the NFT cake is so big (probably a 80 billion USD market capitalization by 2025) that a transparent project with a functional tech could largely absorb a lot of the upcoming growth. The key thing to realise here is that the market capitalization of Curate is 16 million USD and the NFT market will be worth 5000x this amount in a couple of years. Yes, XCUR is a small centralized token with adoption challenges, but I’m considering paying that price given the potential upside.

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Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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