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Earn Crypto By Predicting The Future: The Bet of Futuur

Have you ever dreamt of building wealth by forecasting the future? This is now possible with the Futuur platform. You bet on an outcome and, if you’re right, you can earn cryptocurrency in your wallet. How does it work? Let’s dive in.

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1. What is Futuur?

Futuur provides forecasters the opportunity to bet on outcomes of future events in areas like politics, sport, science or finance and to do it with crypto assets:

The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Seattle, WA, and Curaçao, with a globally distributed team. The Futuur platform aggregates information and bets from across diverse themes and questions. It then makes these forecasts public and easy to interpret, providing a percentage estimate of each outcome’s likelihood to occur.

An example on COVID19:

2. How to use the Futuur platform?

First, create an account here:

It will generate a crypto wallet automatically for you with some free tokens in it:

Then it’s time to forecast my friend! Pick a poll and place a bet, for example here, I’m betting 100 OOMS (the main token used on the platform for now) that the COVID19 patch will be considered safe:

If I’m right on this bet, I’ll receive 142.25 OOMS.

It’s that simple!

3. The future of Futuur

Futuur has recorded 25,000 forecasters who bet on 44,000 events. What’s next? Tom Bennett (the founder of Futuur) shares some insights: “we’re very happy with the results Futuur forecasters have generated trading our play-money markets, and we’re incredibly excited about the prospects for our real-money markets. We expect that an additional financial incentive will lead to even better accuracy, and move us closer to our goal of helping to improve decision-making by providing more accurate forecasts.”

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The platform has obtained a gaming license from the Ministry of Justice in Curaçao. This allows the service to provide real-money betting in most of the world, but it does exclude certain jurisdictions, including the US, Australia, Colombia, and the Netherlands.

For forecasters in restricted jurisdictions, not to worry! Play money markets will continue to be available to all countries.

4. Conclusion

I love the Futuur platform (like another platform I analyze here) because it allows people to make money while also providing good information about likelihood of events using the “wisdom of crowds”. If this concept is of interest, check out one of my favourite books on the topic:

I’ve placed my first bet today and I’m not planning to stop any time soon.
Create an account and challenge me on some of my COVID-19 bets!

Until then… Take care.


Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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