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IAMX: A Crypto Identity Outside Of The Matrix

Outstanding projects define themselves in opposition to a current monopoly. Uber killed the taxi market and Apple killed the camera market. If you don’t annoy someone powerful, what you’re doing is not a revolution. What is the next industry to disrupt? Some hints: I hold your personal data, I decide if yes or no you can execute a purchase and I authenticate you on every third party website still using that data that we store ourselves. Yes: it’s big tech and big banks through e-commerce, payment and authentication. This fight seems lost as you’re literally fighting the entire system: the deep state and the powerful Californian SaaS VC-backed model. However, the pandora box is opened and the cat is out of the bag. The crypto cat is called IAMX and we’re beginning to believe.

My Name Is Neo

1. What Is IAMX?

IAMX is working on your web3 digital decentralized passport. The idea behind IAMX is to take back what has been stolen from you by big tech: your identity that American giants monetize at will. “When it’s free, you are the product” is programmed to die as people realize that they’re losing their soul to only benefit from it through targeted advertisement.

For individuals, IAMX is defining your identity with a biometric technology or through identity documents (not stored), and attaching your identity to your wallet in an encrypted form. Then, this identity can be used when you purchase with partners to benefit from rewards and incentives as they know who you are. This really is a revolution as it removes all the hassle related to your passwords, 2FAs and proof of identity that you always need to provide again and again today.

IAMX For Individuals

For businesses, IAMX will allow a crypto verifier module that will identify the customer so everybody can benefit from it: the merchant, the publisher and the customer. The technology at use here is called SSI and stands for “Self-Sovereign Identity”. It has multiple benefits: cutting the cost for businesses as KYC maintenance is pricey, increasing the conversion as the sign-in process is always one click away but also reduces fraud and avoids costly data storage.

IAMX For Businesses

Alternatively, for creators, it’s an incredibly empowering tool allowing you to verify for yourself who is owning your NFTs:

IAMX For Creators

2. How Does IAMX Work?

How does it work? Buckle up my friends, there is a whitepaper and a deck, see the following summary:

IAMX Users Onboarding

Indeed, most shops today rely on authenticated users to sell products. Let’s face it: this usually takes more than a click. Well, with IAMX, you authenticate yourself once with pre-authenticated data, the event is logged on the blockchain using your signature with your public key (purple) and then your identity can be attached to your wallet (orange). From that point: game over. You can buy again and again and again from any web3 shop (green) anywhere in the world with just one authentication click regardless if you’re new or not for this business.

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In fact, in that paradigm, the users exist independently from the shop thanks to Decentralized Identifiers (DID):

DIDs Enable Digitally Signed Claims

And because users own their identity in a decentralized way through identifiers, it allows a layer structure that looks healthy. In fact, in software engineering, we call it “domain driven design” where every layer has only one responsibility making the architecture robust and fair. The first layer is starting from the DID registry dealing with the keys and registry. The second one is the wallet and is about blockchain interfaces with the world. The 3rd layer is the entire credentials verification mechanism between the issuer, the buyer and the verifier. Finally, the last layer is the ultimate goal of Cardano, giving you a beautiful governance model that you can plug to a framework to vote for example.

Additionally, in case you want to know more about it, they have a very good video on the topic:

3. The Team And The Partnerships

First, the team is probably one of the most impressive part of the IAMX project:


For example, Tim Heidfeld (CEO) is a big deal. 20+ years of experience in various businesses and the last 10 years successfully leading companies in Germany and Switzerland:

Tim Heidfeld Experience

Additionally, the list of advisors is endless, impressive and diverse:

IAMX Advisors

A special mention to Lise Wessel, who does an amazing job at connecting the right people together on Twitter:

Additionally, from a partnership point of view it’s starting to look very good from NFT marketplaces to online shops:

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IAMX Partners

In fact, they also start to announce partnerships within the ecosystem with NMKR (I’m talking about NMKR in my top 30 projects on Cardano):

4. IAMX As An Investment

The IAMX token repartition is as follows:

Tokens Repartition

For example, 80% of the supply is for the people. Boom. Also, IAMX uses the Fibonacci sequence to ensure balance of supply and demand.

Token Generation With Usage

IAMX economists employ the Fibonacci sequence for sustained, strong token performance. In fact, Fibonacci helps achieve market equilibrium. Market equilibrium is when the quantity of supply equals the quantity demanded by consumers. When market equilibrium is achieved, the price volatility is reduced.

Now, let’s talk investment. The market capitalization of identity management is set to explode in the next 10 years:

And this is just for North America: you can 10x this.

Now, looking at it by industry:

Identity And Access Management Market Share

Moreover, by 2023 digital wallet shopping will have a market capitalization of 4.4 billion USD:

And guess what, this is going exponential too:

Digital Wallet Market Will Skyrocket

So, roughly, the size of the market IAMX is targeting is a modest 50 billion USD in 2026 (global identity management + digital wallet shopping). Indeed, if IAMX takes 1% of this market assuming a Cardano mainstream adoption, that’s a potential 5 billion USD market capitalization for the token: a 50x to 100x is on the cards! But on the top of it, you can receive IAMX as yield when staking your crypto (ADA):

Stake In The IAMX Stake Pools

Specifically, the IAMX crypto rewards are calculated as follows:

5. Conclusion

IAMX, like Lending Pond, is one of these projects that make you feel like a change of paradigm is triggered and there is nothing to do to stop the tsunami. In fact, while some ridiculous altcoins with no backbone are all about marketing, IAMX is here to transform who we are online through crypto technology and give back the control to the people via “zero knowledge proof”. Authentication is the central point to everything, almost tackling the fiat problem at the root. The fantastic team, the partnerships, the tokenomics, the incredible potential for investors and the limited risk because of a supply-demand stabilisation mechanism makes it a special coin. I will be investing in it because of the interesting risk-return ratio but also to contribute to rewrite history via new authentication rules. Finally, the project is also a place to think about your future. What type of authentication do you want for your children? Two options are on the table and only one has the potential to free the world.

Thanks for reading.

n.b: The Altcoin Oracle is a brand ambassador for IAMX since November 2022. We receive IAMX tokens to write articles about their solution. Please take this into consideration. This article is in no way financial advice.

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