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Best Crypto Books

Best Crypto Books, 2023 Edition

Books matter. The world gets digitalized and a lot of information is currently available online. However, a book is a special place. You can explain a detailed point of view in 200 pages and elaborate your multifaceted opinion about a topic. It’s slow, it’s long, it’s like a piece of art and covers a topic in depth. This article will be a never-ending work to reference the best books about the crypto ecosystem. It will be biased, because it’s me and my criteria, however my goal is to build a reference article (like the best Cardano staking pools) for readers. What are the best crypto books?

1. The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin Standard

Yes, “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous is the reference about Bitcoin. The way the author is explaining why Bitcoin is so central is really interesting. It starts by going through the list of “store of value” assets since the beginning of humanity and how they gained this status. But it also explains how humans change a store of value for another store of value when they realise that their current one is broken. It’s a very inspiring and philosophical book for investors and builders in the space. For me, it’s the best crypto book.

2. The Internet Of Money

The Internet Of Money

The “The internet of Money” book from Andreas M. Antonopoulo is a classic. Its purpose is to explain why we need crypto assets and what problem do they solve with a focus on Bitcoin. Through a series of use cases, the “why” of Bitcoin is explained with a very particular view on the social, philosophical and technological consequences of such a revolution. The author is also the author of “Mastering Bitcoin” and is a security expert giving him credibility in the space. “The Internet Of Money” is one of the best crypto books for me.

3. An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook

An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook

The “An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook” book by Nik Patel is giving valuable tips to trade altcoins. Nik straightforward writing style is great. He is giving clear and actionable tips to trade altcoins based on his experience as a trader in the cryptosphere. The breakdown in different strategies is enjoyable and make the book very rational and understandable. If you’re interested in crypto and trading, I would recommend this book. In fact, more than a technical analysis book, it gives you some hints about the psychological aspect of the crypto market to be able to buy low and sell high. Definitely one of the best crypto books for traders!

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4. Cardano For The Masses

Cardano For The Masses

The “Cardano For The Masses” book by John Greene is an amazing book to get started with Cardano. It explains the reason of the project. If you’re new to the ecosystem and want to understand how it started, what are the values of the Cardano blockchain and why it will likely have a bright future: read this book. It uses quotes from the founder (Charles Hoskinson) and use cases to show why the crypto asset is different from all the others. “Cardano For The Masses” is a must-read and is definitely one of the best crypto books.

5. The Currency Cold War

The Currency Cold War

The “The Currency Cold War” book by David Birch is a great essay on cryptocurrency and the political fight that the space will go through. The book is discussing the tensions, inevitable, that will rise everywhere in the world because of the different competitors trying to save the world from the broken legacy financial system.You like geopolitics, technology and sociology? Then this book is for you. At the crossroads of all the topics, what is the future for the 3.0 financial world? “The Currency Cold War”: one of the best books on geopolitics of crypto assets.

6. Crypto Investing Guide

Crypto Investing Guide

The “Crypto Investing Guide” by Ian Balina is a great book for newbies in the crypto space. It covers tokens, NFTs, DeFi and explains the different metrics to invest in them. It also contains a bit of history about cryptocurrencies as it helps to invest with confidence. The book is from 2021, which corresponds to the end of an epic bull market, but it still comes up with a careful approach to crypto investment. Give it a try if you want a nice and sweet introduction to the field. One of the best crypto books for beginners!

7. The Fiat Standard

The Fiat Standard

Yes, “The Fiat Standard” by Ian Saifedean Ammous is the negative of “The Altcoin Standard”, ranked 1st of this list. It’s the complementary essay explaining how the deep state is using debt to enforce slavery on the world using fiat money. This book is really something you should read to understand the logic behind interest rates while it’s detailing why the civilization is doomed without a hard and sound money. The whole essay is the same quality as “The Bitcoin Standard” and should be read before or after to give a perfect overview of the past and the potential future.

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8. Cardano: The Essential Guide

Cardano: The Essential Guide

This book is about my favourite crypto: Cardano. “Cardano: The Essential Guide” by Jesse Dvorak helps you to get familiar with the Cardano ecosystem: from Proof-Of-Stake (POS) mechanism to stake pool operators. The way Jesse Dvorak explains fairly complicated concepts is impressive. I would recommend “Cardano: The Essential Guide” if you’re after an introduction to the Cardano world and not an IT person. The book also explains the history of the project as well as the vision behind from governance to decentralization. A must-read!

9. The NFT Handbook

The NFT Book

What about NFTs? I have the book for you: “The NFT Handbook” from Matt Fortnow and Quharisson Terry. This book is telling you everything about NFT: creating them, buying them and selling them. It’s an excellent book for a first web3 lesson and be able to understand the creation of NFTs without getting too technical. It’s a good trade-off to investigate the world of NFTs without going to heavy with the programming details. Don’t except something too in depth: this is an entry point to non-fungible tokens. This is one of the best crypto books about NFTs!

10. The End Of Money

The End Of Money

In “The End Of Money”, you will learn the story of Bitcoin and understand why the entire financial system failed: “Even in the most basic banking functionalities, they fail to be money. There is no way to issue a loan in cryptocurrency kept on a bank’s books, without actually transferring cryptocurrency… It is far better to think of cryptocurrency as a new sort of financial instrument”. In this book, you’ll understand why everything that is not a sound crypto asset is in fact credit, something that can be taken away, inflated, deflated, modified and leveraged. A great book about the fundamentals!

11. Metaverse Investing For Beginners

Metaverse Investing For Beginners

In “Metaverse Investing For Beginners” from Jason Limbrey, you will learn everything about metaverses and how to invest in them.The author goes through a list of metaverse technologies and evaluates the potential of each of them looking at all aspects: technical, adoption and price action. The book gives you some hints to spot what’s a potential good investment and what looks like a scam with no value. This is interesting for all investors and the book is formalizing the takeaways in a nice way! For me, this is one of the best crypto books on metaverses and investing.

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