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Best Crypto Twitter Accounts

Twitter is the best and the worst place in the world to get your information about crypto. That’s why, in this article, I want to share a mix of Twitter accounts of all sizes that I really like: small, medium, large, very large. In my view it’s incredibly important to have all of them in your bag because they target different types of assets. Usually big accounts target large capitalizations and smaller ones target smaller ones. Also, you get more authenticity with a smaller account because large ones can’t really afford to be brutal: they could loose their audience if they do so. However the truth is often brutal. The order in the list is my personal preference and also takes into account the size. Enough suspense! What are the best crypto Twitter accounts? Let’s go!

1. Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal Twitter Account

So let’s get this straight, Raoul Pal is loved or hated. And, I have to admit that I like him because he doesn’t do tribalism. Consequently, he is not not married to a token. He tries to analyze the market with a macro view. Also, he has a lot of credibility because of his last role at Goldman Sachs, leading the equities department. Usually, he tend to be overly bullish, so be careful with that. However the quality of what he is sharing in terms of macro charts and macro analysis in invaluable. In my opinion, his media called RealVision is bringing great insights on the crypto market: it’s always a pleasure for me to listen to all the analysts and experts he interviews. And his Twitter account is definitely one of my favourite crypto Twitter accounts.

2. Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen Twitter Account

The account of Benjamin Cowen from Into The Cryptoverse is a great place where he is presenting quantitative approaches for crypto assets. I like his style, very centred on logarithmic regression bands and quantitative models. I recommend listening to his wise advices: “time is on our side” or “don’t be deterministic about anything”. His twitter account is a good way to follow his point of view on markets. I also like the different quantitative themes from RSI analysis to a long-term analysis of ROI tops or bottoms. There is a willingness to be “charts only” that I appreciate.

3.Willy Woo

Willy Woo Twitter Account

The account of Willy Woo is THE account to follow for Bitcoin on-chain analysis. He is the master of wallet movements and realized market capitalization. Follow him to get insights on the Bitcoin price based on very factual charts. I would recommend looking at his interviews on Youtube as well to really understand his philosophy. Yes, on-chain metrics can be manipulated but Willy Woo tries to take this into account and always challenges his own ideas. The collaborations he is working on are always interesting and bring new ideas that he tries to incorporate in his framework of analysis.

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4. ADA Whale

ADA Whale Twitter Account

The ADA Whale account is the main account to follow for updates regarding Cardano. You will find very interesting insights about the projects gravitating around Cardano but also common sense about the space. ADA Whale became the absolute reference about the ecosystem in a year. The tweets are always extremely informative, straight to the point and backed by facts. It gave to this account the credibility it deserves: in my opinion, you should not miss it. This is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts for me.

5.  Daniel Friedman

Daniel Friedman Twitter Account

The account of Daniel Friedman is a medium size account that I like, mostly tweeting about the Ergo ecosystem. If you want a good view about Ergo and the $ERG token, follow him, you will like it. Because the Ergo ecosystem is exploding, you want to keep track and follow the latest about it. The project is a mix of proof-of-work done the right way and great connections with other projects from the space (like Cardano), I think Ergo is here to stay. After reading my best Ergo projects article, go and follow Daniel for constant updates about the ecosystem!

6.  The Altcoin Oracle

The Altcoin Oracle Twitter Account
The Altcoin Oracle Twitter Account

Pure self-promotion, I’m awesome. Just kidding (I’m not kidding). I’m posting a mix of altcoins presentation, analysis or promotion. I’m trying to filter the best of the ecosystem and market the ones that I consider over the top. Usually, I’m taking up to a week to research about a specific altcoin and cover it from all possible angles: technical, fundamental and adoption. I’m also quite an adept of dark humour, sarcasm and brutal punishment of anti-Cardano accounts. Occasionally, you will see me posting some shameful memes about projects I dislike. “Oops”, sorry.

7. Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily Crypto Twitter Account
Altcoin Daily Twitter Account

The Altcoin Daily account is a reference for me in terms of spectrum. If you want a good overview of the altcoin space with a large amount of content, go for it, you won’t be disappointed. I’m still quite impressed by how many people they managed to absorb in such a small amount of time, that’s a proof of quality for me. I also watched a lot of their content on Youtube that I would definitely recommend as well. The frequency of their analysis makes it very hard to miss, you get your daily dose of altcoins and even if you might sometime disagree: it makes you think which is never a bad thing.

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8. Psycho

Psycho Crypto Twitter Account
Psycho Twitter Account

The Psycho account is a perfect mix of investment hints on altcoins and dark humour that I find funny. He is covering large, medium but also very small altcoins: ETH, ATOM, COTI, etc. I like the mix of charts and more fundamental thoughts that he regularly shares with his community. I’ve started reading Psycho’s tweets in 2021 and it gave me a lot of good hints of projects to follow that I would have never heard of otherwise! He also has been in the space for a very long time, giving him a lot of credibility regarding altcoins trading in general. Definitely one of the best crypto Twitter accounts, give it a try!

9. Crypto Insight

Crypto Insight

The Crypto Insight account is a good medium-size account sharing opportunities that I’m usually not familiar with. You probably already know that I’m not a Solana fan for example, but it’s good to keep track with it ,still. Don’t get married to an altcoin, they say. Crypto Insight is my way to keep an open mind about other altcoins that I usually don’t follow like meme coins (Doge, Shiba, etc). I would recommend this Twitter account, to keep you up to date with lot of different altcoins. Also, you will probably enjoy the frequency of the tweets as well as the spectrum they cover.

10. Polkadot Space

Polkadot Space Twitter Account

I like Polkadot. I know it’s not necessarily a shared point of view in the Cardano community but here I am and I can’t help it. The parachains, the approach and the fact that they focus more on the core of the product than on the marketing makes it a special project for me. Well, Polkadot Space is a good place to get your Polkadot news and especially regarding the projects gravitating around it. It’s a mine of information that I find very valuable as a Polkadot investor: they usually tweet about them, explain what they do and why they’re actually valuable.

Thanks for reading.
n.b: this is not financial advice

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