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Snowpunkz: Frozen NFTs On Cardano

I was chilling on YouTube yesterday when I saw a video of Charles Hoskinson talking about Snowpunkz:

But, what is a Snowpunk? I did some investigations.

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1. What is “Snowpunkz” ?

“Snowpunkz” is a collection of 8888 hand-drawn scalable vector graphics NFTs. The project is fighting against global warming disinformation and environmental issues. Indeed, it’s the reason why they chose Cardano to settle, Cardano being one of the most eco-friendly blockchain based on POW (Proof-Of-Work). By the way, NFTs on Cardano are called CNFT. CNFT stands for Cardano non-fungible token. Essentially, this means it is a token that cannot be replaced.

And… I really like how they look:

SnowPunkz are not your typical, run-of-the-mill computergraphics. They are highly interactive. The fun part is thatyour SnowPunk responds to mouse clicks and taps. It can even show you some stats when you double-click on it. Each of ourSnowPunkz contains three emotions; happy, angry and sad,giving the NFT an extra unique feature. Each emotion has adifferent background, all three are downloadable as PNG.That’s like getting three NFT’s for the price of one! You canopt to synchronize your SnowPunk to reflect your own emotion.

2. How to buy a Snowpunk?

Go to the mint page:

Connect your ADA Wallet (e.g: Yoroi) and click “mint”:

3. Snowpunks as an investment

I like to invest in NFT projects with realistic roadmaps (like the ones from Stacks) and here we go:

Giveaways, games, voting, royalties: that’s what you want to see.

Snowpunkz owners will receive quarterly rewards and royalties. Exactly 40% of future revenue from applications will be distributed to holders. When it comes to the game, 40% of the game revenue will also go to holders.

So ,basically, it’s an asset generating a passive income.

I’m also quite excited by the last stage, the FPS game based on 3D models, that can bring gamers to the project:

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4. Conclusion

I’m bullish on this NFTs collection because it’s generating yield while fighting for a good cause: global warning. Charles Hoskinson gave some exposure to the collection and the roadmap includes the community. The art is nice and I like these algorithmically generated characters. The FPS game in preparation leaves some room to bring more people to the project. What about you?

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice

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