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Chilled Kongs: An Iconic NFT Collection

The Chilled Kongs collection is one of the most visible NFT collections on Cardano, along with The Ape Society. The art is literally my favourite because it is colourful, funny and diverse. But the adoption is also very impressive, everybody from the Cardano ecosystem knows what the Chilled Kongs collection is. There is a reason for that. First of all it’s one of the oldest on the network, but also because the team has been delivering and survived waves of FUD without impact on the credibility on the project. Now, let’s dive into it, what’s Chilled Kongs?

1. What Is Chilled Kongs?

So what is Chilled Kongs? To answer that question, let me introduce you to ChilledKong8125:


Nice umbrella. Whatever that is. ChilledKong8125 comes with a list of traits impacting its rarity. Hat, eyes, clothes, everything is summarized in that table:

ChilledKong8125 Traits

Chilled Kongs also has a rarity table with detailed numbers. If you want the top clothes, get yourself an “exotic suit with falcon” or a very very fancy “classic orange astronaut suit”:

Clothes Rarity

What is the philosophical message behind the collection?

Magical things happen for those who chill! Take the time to enjoy, this is precious.

To buy Chilled Kongs, I recommend JPGStore as it’s the best CNFT marketplace out there. Here is the link.


At the moment, there are pretty good opportunities at the floor price… Will it last? Will it drop more? Check the first lines of items by ordering “Low To High” in price and look for the rarest ones:

2. The Team And The Roadmap

The team is large for an NFT project:

Chilled Kongs Team

Deckard is very well respected in the NFT space. Recently some negative events (FUD regarding management focusing on 2 different projects, Deckard having to take a break for personal reason) however the entire community has been supporting him big time without exception. The fact that he opened himself about his family and the story of his drawings strengthened the community of hodlers:

Additionally, the roadmap is promising with a token, music events, a metaverse project and an upcoming 3D kong project to give life to these apes:

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Artistic Roadmap v2

I like how even this is a piece of art with a nice attention to details. The love is in the air: everything on there smells like flowers and bananas.

3. Testimonies

I’ve been collecting reasons for holding Chilled Kongs: I talked to a couple of holders and asked them to tell me “why Chilled Kongs”.
Here is an extract.

From Alexander:

Being in the cardano community I noticed the fud and witnessed how the Chilled Kong’s community rallied around their beloved project and crushed the fud in my opinion, for me the show of strength of the community was massively impressive and man if I know one thing for sure it’s that strong communities are the most solid foundation and backbone of any project. Look at bitcoin, it has survived for over a decade for the same reason, a strong community of believers. It has withstood all sorts of fud, suppression and bad mouthing and each time like a damn ROACH after they declare bitcoin dead, it comes crawling out the cracks and sprouts again like a never dying weed in the cracks of a side wall and grows wilder than the last time. So yea, the strength of the community attracted me, secondly the quality of the art because I would have never invested if I didn’t like the art as well. Been in barely 4 days, 4 Kongs so far and I can’t seem to stop cause i’m eying another one. It’s safe to say I caught the #KONGBUG!

From Pittsman:

At the start I invested in CK mainly because of the art, it really drew me in, I was looking at my kongs that many times a day it was crazy. The easy going no road map see how it pans out along got me intrigued. Not having something to stick to especially in this ever changing space is a good thing. Now after that obviously the community gave me diamond hands, it honestly feels like home for me. Why I’ll continue to buy at these levels, I feel once the team have a nice amount of cash to splash I feel they can really take this far just as a brand in music and in the film industry and that’s my view of where Deckard and team want to get this too in the long term. Everything else is just to give us holders something and to help them fund them so they can get there. But there’s a lot of intelligent minds involved and invested heavily in CK.

From Thesaurus:

I personally think CK is among the top Cardano NFT projects. Most of all I like the art, and then we have solid community that do not falter despite several attacks and fud (even during the early days of the project. Lastly, the founder is also the artist. Deckard is a great and hardworking artist. I believe the project maybe his life’s work. He has shown dedication to the community and even doxxed himself to show transparency. Why collection is above the others: If we are to talk about the collection alone and not any other factor, I don’t think the collection is above others. Art is subjective and it depends on a person’s preference. I see better pfp projects in terms of aesthetics, but I think the neat and relatable appearances of Kongs makes it more appealing than the others.

4. Chilled Kong As An Investment

So, why an article now about Chilled Kongs? Well, because there is a dip:

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Chilled Kongs Price

The price is dropping. This is because of the latest events. On a 24 hours window, the price really took a hit today:

Chilled Kongs Price Today

The number of owners is good, the collection is not centralized (2930 owners for 8888 items):


What about the volume? I thought it was going down to but… No! It’s actually spiking, nice update from Adamantium on Twitter:

First CNFT in volume in the last 7 days!

In short, the fundamentals seem solide, as we didn’t see a massive sell-off yet. The volumes are nicely over 15m ADA now and the collection is decentralised from an owners point of view. Some people might play it, some people might wait to see where this will end up going. I’m in the first category: I think this will bounce back over time because the collection already became iconic.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, I like the collection because of what it represents for the Cardano community: one of the first NFTs and a community with a big heart. The project is currently weakened because of some opacity and key people walking away from the collection. However, looking at the numbers, I consider it as an investment opportunity and I will take that chance to buy a couple of apes. Will it drop more? Maybe, but eventually what I’m buying is a snapshot of a moment in the life of Cardano. That post smart-contract era leading to an explosion of art: betting on Chilled Kong is betting on a phoenix that will need a rebirth from its ashes. Stronger, wiser and more determined than ever.

Thanks for reading.
n.b: this is not financial advice

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